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I just realized (after a cooling off period) that X2000 test tone screen must have master volume turned up to hear test tones, since it resets to 0 every time I reenter test tone part of menu. rolleyes.gif

All speakers ARE playing test tones through X2000....except sub!!!

Too much of a coincidence. Something in signal chain from the Y-RCA splitter forward needs to be looked at again.

Since I don't listen at reference or reference+ levels, I would think it would be difficult to have four separate drivers bite the dust??

And, initially, I still have to question how this many cables would go bad at same time.

Maybe something with amp? Matchbox? Jensen would be unlikely seeing as the two channels are separate from each other inside of it and it is a passive box.
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to eliminate the subs as the issue just wire them from AVR-AMP-SUB id just do one at a time to see make sure they are working, if you can confirm that the subs and sub amps are fine then it points to something else inbetween. yes its very unlikely all failed at once, the AMP or other electronics is a more likely source of failure IMO
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Yep, Sibuna. You were the voice of reason.

I started the experiment by eliminating the Matchbox HD from chain first. BAM! Test tones coming through again!!

From everything I have read, those MB units should be near-bulletproof. Oh well.
We will see how their vaunted customer service responds to helping out with my unit that has only been put in service for eight months.

In the end, I'm just glad it's not the subs. That would have been a pain in the a**.

MB is easy to ship. Although, it would have been nice if it had just been as simple as replacing the inexpensive RCA Y!

Thanks again!!
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Crest Pro-LITE 7.5 !!!!...biggrin.gif

UPS just dropped this off. Interesting!
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Huh! I thought you decided on a couple 100w plates!
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So what's the status of all your rejects? wink.gif Might be interested in one of the EP4000's and if you have a DSP...maybe that too. PM'd you.
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Anyone have a Niles AC3 they don't need anymore????
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You can build one pretty cheap and easy. Have you checked out the thread here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1303723/automatically-powering-on-pro-amps-via-relay-guide-w-pics/210#post_24341740
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Thanks, bt!
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Heck, I'll build one for you if you want me to just to pay it forward for organizing the uxl GB.
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Crest Pro-LITEs...The amplifiers pass safety agency requirements for a two ohm rating. That means continuous operation at 1/8 power (considered to be normal operation) at 10% high line (132VAC). At four ohms they breeze through the rating and come close to handling continuous full sine wave power. Depending on the model, they probably run minutes before the breaker eventually trips.
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