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Anyone know where I can purchase this unit? I don't see a buy option on this page.

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I guess they don't want anyone to buy it.
I believe it's also sold through Amazon. Call them and point out their error. Depending on exactly how you plan to use it, you might consider the PHD-VRX which is newer and has DVR capability, but less inputs. wink.gif
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Amazon was out of stock.
What unit would you recommend for OTA to connect to a receiver for my home theater setup. The monitor (plasma 1080p) has no tuner. I'm versed in the htpc aspect of my setup but I need this to bypass the htpc part which gf refuses to use. rolleyes.gif
Right now she receives OTA signals well enough with plain old antenna on top of tv.
So I need something that will pull in good reception. It's an apartment so can't put anything outside.
I didn't really need the dvr part of it but I won't discount a super solid tuner with it.

Need help, moving in soon and I need to address this issue.
So as far as I can tell its either the channelmaster or epvision, right??
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CM-7400 has a terrible tuner, so if your reception is spotty, you will probably be unhappy with it. The PHD-VRX has a better tuner, and I've found the TViX 6620's tuner to be satisfactory, as well.
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