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I currently have a Sony HTIB that I purchased several years ago and I want to upgrade. I started looking at receivers and I am leaning toward a Denon receiver. Onkyo receivers seem to have more features for the money but also more problems. But please suggest anything that would fit my requirements. My budget is $1500 for the receiver, speakers, and whatever else I may need.

These are my general requirements (in order of importance):
Best audio quality for the money
At least 4 HDMI inputs (5 would be nice)
Blu ray player
Camcorder or smartphone/tablet (preferably front connection)
HTPC or network streaming box
Wireless display (miracast)
Optical SPDIF input (from my TV)
3D passthrough
5.1 channels
Some room equalization
At least one composite analog input (for hooking up a wii)
FLAC decoding is a plus

I will mostly be watching broadcast TV and listening to audio CDs. I will watch blu ray movies less frequently.

Also, I want to know if I should look for a receiver first and then for speakers or the other way around.

Thanks in advance.