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Best Buy Magnolia Clearance?

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If you have champagne tastes and a beer budget like I do, you might find some interesting deals buy looking at the Best Buy clearance.

Seems to be model change on TVs and Christmas returns on hi-fi?


Once you pick your state make sure to right click on the "Open Box & Clearance Items" tab and open the link in a new tab/window.

I managed to scoop up a 2 discontinued demo Def Tech Mythos STS & a CS-8060HD demos for $499/ea, 2 Gem demos for $70 each and a returned SuperCube 6000 for $650. It entailed miles of interstate to assemble it all since the website often lies. Moral: call first.

Sure beats Crutchfields Mythos STS system priceof $4355 even if it's old technology...

They even matched a Rakuten / Buy.com 3rd party (!) price on a new Denon AVR-3313CI for @ $100 less than the open box they had. The only drama was no one knew about the name change. No wonder the BB founder decided not to buy back the company...

Of course by the time I figure out how to wire it all up, the 15 day return will be over.

Just hope the LG 65lw6500 will be happy now! At least I'm no longer quite so annoyed about missing the smokin' deals on the Onkyo TX-NR818.
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I almost purchased a Elite 60" with open box @ a Magnolia store. $3800. I went with a new Sony 959 55", passed up on the Elite. I do check weekly though some great deals out there
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i got my RX-A810 for $350 with tax and 4 year warranty at my local BB. Magnolia open box.

im trying to use your method but its not working. I have to select a store and it opens in a new window after i click on the go to store button. then the new window wont allow me to scroll so its annoying.

i just do store locator and browse open box by each store. To save time, you open one store open box in a new tab/window. then within the link find the store number then just replace it with the next store. very easy
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Check out Sears for great deals on clearance TV's as well. You can find great deals on sets as well as audio equipment! Good Luck!
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