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LSi9 amp or no amp??

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Hi guys, fairly new poster here.

So unless another option is presented I am bound and determined to buy some LSi9 for my PC setup. I only want 2.1 (even though i hear the LSi9 have suberb bass) for now and once i integrate a projector will want a 7.1/2 setup, so for the time being all i need is to power some LSi9.

I understand that the Polk LSi9 require much more power running at 200w 4ohm, which is hard to provide for on a receiver standpoint, but with an amp it is covered nicely. However when you add an amp into the mix (~$200+) then a receiver (~$400) and the LSi9 (~$450) you rack up quite a bill. I don't have a lot of money to work with and would be sitting on a MAX budget of ~$800.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to drive these LSi9 or maybe a comparable bookshelf pair for 2.1 PC setup?

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Have you looked at the Paradigm Shift speakers? They are self powered and can be incorporated with your PC using a 3.5 MM plug. I own these and they are truly amazing speakers and should fit into your budget.
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I looked at the LSi9s on the Polk site. The recommended power is 20 to 200 watts. They're rated at 88 dB sensitivity. So 88 dB at one watt one mets. 20 watts would drive them to 101 dB at one watt, one meter. 40 would get them to 104 dB, almost the max for "reference>" In room SPL levels will differ some, but there's unlikely to be a need to have a 200 watt amp in a normal house sized room unless you routinely listen at very high levels at a significant distance from the speakers.

BTW, I'd take the 200 watt number to represent the max the speaker can take without heat-induced failure, and in general it's fair to assume that speakers are compressing (not getting as much louder as input voltage would call for) by half their max rated power, so if you NEED the volume 200 watts would provide, you also need different speakers to actually reproduce that full volume . . .
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