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So the HDMI board on my trusty Onkyo 876 is starting to die. Also this receiver doesn't support HDMI 1.4 so it is a pain to play 3d movies (pulling hdmi connectors and switching them around). Currently running B&W CDM NT Speakers in a living room that isn't treated. Looking at a few choices but hard to decide which way to go. Looking at the Anthem MRX 300, Denon 3313ci or the Emotiva UMC 200 with with XPA-5 amp (will also pull a extra 200 watt stereo amp I have to run 7.1). Looking for the best sound quality. Listen to lots of music also so would like the system to be really good for music as well. Room is fairly small like 10feet by 18feet long. Any other suggestions are welcome. Trying to stay away from Onkyo as I'm not too thrilled with there quality as of late. Been very happy with the sound quality from the 876 just let down by how quickly this receiver broke down.