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Home Automation Newbie Looking for Direction

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I know what features I want, but I'm not sure which product line/standard best fits my needs . A buddy of mine has Control4, but are there any better options out there that would help me with the following:

My Wish List:
  1. Lighting automation (timers, random patters, scenes, etc)
  2. Android and iPhone/iPad user interface
  3. Video monitoring of interior/exterior with some sort of DVR capability (DVR piece is more of a bonus than a requirement)
  4. Control garage door
  5. Play audio in the bathroom from the TV (to listen to news or music in the morning when getting ready)
  6. Integration of security and lights (lights come on or flash when alarm sounds)
  7. Would love to integrate doorbell w/ video monitoring; i.e. have it e-mail me a photo of the front porch every time the doorbell rings
  8. No need for home theater or video/TV integration beyond the audio item above

Any recommendations on what technology I should be pursuing? My house is already wired for ethernet if that makes a difference. I would prefer a DIY product, but I am willing to pay for installation/programming upon initial setup if needed.

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Well most options are either going to fall either in the professionally installed category or the fully DIY category. I think you are unlikely to find an installer who will be willing to come in and simply "program" your DIY automation system. There are just too many variables that a pro is going to want to be able to control from the beginning to prevent the job from getting out of hand.

There might be a CQC installer in your area however. Because CQC is used by both professional installers and DIYers, it might be your best bet.
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Control4 can handle all of that and more.
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I find RTI and Lutron RadioRa2 to be more reliable, stable and customizable. Will do everything you are asking for.
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Z-wave is a very good DIY solution for you, add in the Mi Casa Verde home controller such as a VeraLite or Vera3, and you should be good to go for almost everything in your list. The Vera products use either WIFI or ethernet depending upon the model. It is really very affordable too, and easy to use depending on the manufacturer.

Here is a link to the Mi Casa Verde site for you to check out.

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