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Christie CP2200, Doremi IMB and HDMI in

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Hi Everybody,

I'm not sure if there is anyone here that can help me out with this... but while waiting for answers through "official channels" I thought I would ask anyway!

I'm involved with my local film society. We screen non-theatrical films (members only) at the local cinema. We started off with a small Epson presentation projector but in more recent times the cinema has upgraded to digital and we can use a BluRay player connected directly to a shiny new Christie CP2200 2K projector.

They have a Doremi ShowVault Digital Cinema Playback server and IMB. The IMB has a HDMI input and this is connected to a HDMI switcher with a Sony BluRay player and DVB-T set top box as inputs.

We are finding that when playing a DVD/BD via the HDMI input the colors are "not right". Reds look orange, Blues have a purple shift and Greens are quite "muted", trees look like they are suffering drought conditions! It makes things look a little weird. The input from the DVB-T box has the same problem, and we have bypassed the HDMI switched to rule it out as well.

I looks like a color space issue, but I can't seem to find where this could be fixed. I presume it's handled within the Doremi IMB.

Anyone here had any experience with the Doremi IMB with the CP2200 that can offer some suggestions?

**edit** I forgot to mention that input from the Doremi DCI server looks fine.


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It is a colorspace setting issue and the required selection should be in one of the Christie menus. There should be a preset labeled Rec 709. I use a Barco DP-1500 , so I can't guide you through the steps to the Christie colorspace selection menu. You should be able to get a detailed step by step answer in this forum: http://www.film-tech.com/ubb/f16.html
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Thanks for the reply.

I have registered on Film-Tech and will post my question there as well as soon as I am approved.

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Check the doremi configuration panel. I had this issue and Jose Hughes of doremi tech support walked me through what check box needed to be engaged. The doremi software may be controlling the barco in this case.
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