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Yet another - pick my sub thread

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I know there is one of these a day, but I am stuck.

My "theater" is 9x20x8
Denon 1713 5.1
Infinity Primus 163 F/L and RF/RR
Infinity Primus PC-351 center

Will be 40% music, 40% sports, 20% movies.

Music taste is mainly guitar based "jam" rock (Allman Bros., Phish, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic) Will stream lots of concerts via HTPC
Movie taste is dude movies. Action, crashes, explosions, nudity, same stuff as you guys.

So my initial thoughts are to go with a HSU STF-2. Small room, good price, sacrifice some of the lower Hz to save some $.

or step up to next price level and get a Rythmik LV12R. More $ but goes deeper than HSU while still being good for music because of the Servo thing.

Just comparing them head-to-head seems like a no-brainer, Rythmik right?. My question is will I really get that much more from the Rythmik when integrated with rather modest speakers? Or should I save myself $150 bucks because the HSU is more than enough given what else I got?

Any other suggestions are more than welcome too (would like to keep it < $500 though to avoid divorce). I appreciate your help.
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Better bass will always be appreciated.

You may not have those speakers forever.

There are women on this forum too... smile.gif

You would probably be happy with either one; I went Rythmik.
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You might also look at the SVS PB1000 which sits at $499 with free shipping. I think SVS makes great subs. Personally I am running what is essentially an older version of the PB1000 in the PB10-NSD and absolutely love it.
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I would go for the FV12r. I have used the older version of the FV12 and also the STF2, both are good subs, but the FV12 definitely has more punch. The free shipping until march 15 on the FV12 makes it a hell of a deal. I think it would be a lot better than the PB1000 as well.
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Thanks for the replies all...

I will have these bookshelf speakers for awhile. Mrs. Sumpwitch is not exactly thrilled with the cost of my little "beer room" project. Apparently the finance committee (which consisted of myself, the cat, a six pack of Lagunitas, some Jameson, and a 1983 Casio calculator watch) might be a bit over budget on this project. Maybe I should run for office? I digress...I will have these bookshelf speakers for awhile so I want to make sure I am not going overkill with the sub. Not possible right?

I guess I am just making sure I don't get 50 responses that say "they're close enough, save the $150".

Plus, I can blame you guys when the bill comes. biggrin.gif
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I guess I'm very lucky, I say I want a new sub, my wife says get what you want....you know what we can afford....WAF not an issue here.

The only advise I can give is buy the best you can honestly afford. Too much is NEVER enough. If you try to save money up front, it will cost more later....

Penny wise, pound foolish.....
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Asking for marital advice on this forum isn't recommended.

The rhythmik at it's current sale price is the better bang for the buck.
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Originally Posted by KidHorn View Post

Asking for marital advice on this forum isn't recommended.
That may be the most intelligent thing that I have heard in this forum. smile.gif
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