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Can I hook up to XBox Live on a wireless internet with 2 boxes?

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Hi, each of my sons has a xbox in their rooms. I can always get one to hook up to Netgear wireless internet with no problems but the other one always says it cannot find the IP address. I am trying to get both of them onto XBox Live.

Can I have both XBoxes running at the same time on wireless internet and/or XBox Live? This is really frustrating as I cannot find any info on XBox's website to help.

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Well While you can probally do this you may not be able to play an Online game at the same time as the rule for Port Forwarding is 1 port 1 rule, you can NOT share ports or have them access the same port at the same time online..

Most XBox games use the same basic ports and one would not be able to play even a different game at the same time..

For the XBox are you using Auto IP??

What ISP service are you using ??
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Yes I have it set up as Auto IP and my ISP Provider is Dodo in Australia.

I have a Netgear modem and router and thought because you can have up to 5 items on the internet at once it would have worked.
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well basically you can have as many devices on the internet that the Router can handle Unless your ISP Prohibits more then so many devices which they probally do NOT.

But when you Play XBox it needs to have Ports Opened on the Router to let the Data flow in. Now the Port Forward rule is 1 Port 1 device.. so you can NOT share the same port at the same time even on a different device..

You may get them hooked up but may not be able to Play them Online even with a different game at the same time..

Does the 1 XBox work online now?? IF so what did you do to get it working perhaps you have UPnP Enabled in the router??
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yeah the 1 xbox is working, hooked straight up through the wireless netgear and now on xbox live, had no problems at all, just put in the password and it connected no problems.

When I try to do the same with the other one, it tries to connect to neatgear but comes up with an error saying it needs a manual ip address as it cannot connect automatically.

what you are saying makes sense
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Well are you on a Land line ISP or is it a Wireless service??

Well to enter a manual address you will need to go into the Routers menu and find the DHCP Start & End IP.. usually it is 100-160. this way we can find out which IP to choose for the XBox. which basically is not as hard as it sounds..

Do you know how to access your Routers Menu?? If so Please do and goto in the menu look for Status in there you should see DHCP look for the Start & End IP of the DHCP, what is it??

The reason you need to do this is you do NOT want to select an IP that is INside the Routers DHCP IP's as they are Reserved for AUTO IP Devices..So once we find out if you have a good Start & End IP we can decide on what IP to pick for the 2nd XBox..

Also we can try setting the 2nd XBox in a DMZ or we can determine if you have UPnP Enabled..

I was wondering do you have Temaspeak3 or some other form of Voice Chat it seems we are both online I can walk you through this..
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if your router is properly configured for UPnP, you don't need port forwarding. If you can't set up UPnP properly, you can try port triggering. Port triggering let's multiple devices use the same ports at the same time. it's better than port forwarding which has the limitations listed above.

also, a network is much easier to set up and diagnose if you use manual configurations. give each of them unique static IP addresses that no other devices are using within your network range. you can help ensure this by assigning them DHCP reservations in the router. a little redundant but assign them those IP's also in DHCP reservations makes sure that another device doesn't try to snag the IP when the Xbox is turned off. for the gateway, use your router IP. for dns, try to get the DNS values from your ISP.
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