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Great thread smile.gif

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No Basements in Florida! frown.gif You have to sacrifice a bedroom which usually isn't wife approved. Great work though. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Productive day.
Finished hanging the backer boxes last night, got all the insulation up this morning and cleared out the theater room. Also got the smoke detector extended and putty padded.

AC guys came, installed all day. Drywall guys came, brought 100 sheets downstairs.

Plumbing inspector came, passed the in-ground rough-in inspection. Then I filled my holes with gravel

Mixed up some concrete

And 2 trips back to home depot later, finished concreting my holes.

I think that's probably it before vacation. Gotta pack tonight, then drink some scotch tomorrow night, then off on Friday.

When we get back, the to do list will look something like:
-Lay down in-floor heating in the bathroom, followed by self leveling cement.
-more drywall
-Build base for shower
-even more drywall
-Run water lines in bathroom.

I imagine that will take me to the end of June or so.

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Wow, looks like I have about 2 months to update here. I'll try to keep it to the point.
Went on vacation. Enjoyed myself. Came back from vacation. Had to work. Calgary got flooded. Got an extra week off of work because downtown was floating away. Took a bit of that time to work on the basement, and a lot of that time to help others who were less fortunate than myself, and got hit by the floods.

So during that week off, I tore down a ton of drywall from flooded basements and garages, and put some up in my basement.

(insulation went in that wall before it got covered up)

Theater room


Back room

Made sure I acoustically caulked around all the plugs, wires, etc

Also, done, but not documented by pictures yet:
-Put down underflood heating in bathroom, covered by layer of self-leveling cement.
-Built wooden shower base
-Laid down the orange Deitra stuff that goes under tiles in the bathroom.
-Got all the rough-in plumbing done in the bathroom.
-Got second layer of drywall up (with green glue) on the theater room ceiling yesterday.
-Got a couple pot lights installed in the wet bar area.

I will take pictures and upload them regarding all of this stuff.

Next up on the hit list:
-Finish second layer of GG and drywall for the rest of the theater.
-Plumbing inspection.
-Order bathroom tile
-Install theater pot lights
-drywall the bathroom

With camping and enjoying the weather, I'm guessing that will be 3 weeks of work.
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Your Project is coming along nicely!
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Why thank you.

And now for the remainder of the pics:
-Put down underflood heating in bathroom, covered by layer of self-leveling cement.

-Built wooden shower base

-Laid down the orange Deitra stuff that goes under tiles in the bathroom.

-Got all the rough-in plumbing done in the bathroom.

-Got second layer of drywall up (with green glue) on the theater room ceiling yesterday.

And of course, the obligatory green glue shots:

Looks just like the diagram, right?
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Great thread! I am in Winnipeg so hopefully I will soon be feeling the shipping pain myself ordering all the stuff for my upcoming build. We are only an hour to the border though so easier to ship there and pick it up than for you.
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Nice work !
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Busy busy weekend. Plumbing inspector came by on Friday, and passed the plumbing inspection. Since all he needed to do still was verify that a low-flow toilet got installed, he called it good and closed the permit. Don't have to worry about that one anymore!
Also had 2 contractors come by on Friday to give quotes on mudding/taping/sanding the drywall. Heard back from one, and should hear back today from the other. Of course, this puts pressure on me to complete the drywalling!
Then I spent the next 2 days finishing up the drywall: Green-board in the entire bathroom, and the second layer of drywall, with green-glue, in the theater room. I am pleased to report that we finished it all up, with several lessons learned:
-Green glue + leg hair = bad news
-When framing, make sure you leave your corner studs out an inch of so from the corner. This will help immensely when trying to secure your second layer of drywall at the corners...
-WD-40 is your BEST FRIEND when it comes to the Green Glue applicator gun. It took me a while to believe the instructions on this one. I was re-lubing every second sheet or so by the end and it made my life so much easier.
-When filling the GG applicator gun, totally submerge the tip to avoid air pockets. This means all the way past the orange tip, and past the screw-on tip attacher part.

Then on Monday, I was able to haul about 250 KG of scrap drywall to the dump, and start putting up the tile backer-board around the shower. Got it about 2/3 done i figure before it was supper/quitting time. Ceiling and 2 side walls are done. Back wall is half done. Floor and bench are not done yet.

Maybe I will try to get the theater lights cut out this week... But I'm off to Vegas for a stag this weekend, so don't expect a lot of progress.
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Update on the progress since my last post:

Drywall finishers have come and gone. We only got a rough-mud done in the theater room, since it will be covered by fabric panels anyways

Bought tile, carried 1500 lbs of tile downstairs. At the same time, my wife primed the entire basement (except for the theater ceiling)

I finished boarding up the shower, put down the Schluter Kerdi tray shower base (sorry, forgot to take a pic of that, and too late now!), and put up Kerdi membrane on entire shower to waterproof it
We had bought the 72"x72" Kerdi shower back package, and cut it to fit our size. With the leftovers, there was enough to put on top of our shower bench as well, so I did that.

Built the high part of the stage with PT 2x10's. Still need to build the rounded part on the middle front. Yes, there is a 1/4" to 1/2" gap between the stage and the walls.

Also, put up the starting piece of the soffits in the theater room. I used 2x3 lumber, rather than the 2x2's I had planned for 3 reasons: Straighter than 2x2's, more surface area to glue to ceiling (along with the screws), and they are actually cheaper than 2x2's... Forgot to take a pic, I will have to get that up later.

Started tiling the bathroom. Got about half of the floor done.

I've only got about a month before work gets busy enough that I wont be able to spend any time in the basement until spring. And, I've got something going on every weekend until then. And I've got 9 days of holidays booked (out of town holidays, not in the basement holidays). It's going to be a struggle to get the tiling done in that time I think, let along do any appreciable work in the theater. We'll see how it goes.
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You've been able to get some pretty good progress. Just out of curiosity, what was your quote to have the mudded and taped?
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Originally Posted by JamesB77 View Post

You've been able to get some pretty good progress. Just out of curiosity, what was your quote to have the mudded and taped?

Got 2 quotes. Both for finishing the bedroom, back room, under stairs, bathroom. Rough tape in the theater room, but finished smooth on the ceiling. Knockdown ceiling in bedroom and hallway. One was $2700, other was $4300. I'll let you guess which one I went with. Pretty good job, I'll have to go around with the dry-dex now that the primer is up though.
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Originally Posted by sgolko View Post


is there any way you can mark this photo up with your intended design? This is an awesome blank slate photo and I think it would be great to know what goes where.
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I made a terrible drawing, then it didn't save and i lost it...

Stage and screen up front, with speakers behind. soffits with rope lighting along the upper corners. 2 rows of seating, second one on a riser. Eating bar behind the second row.
Add soffits and eating bar to this:
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Progress update:
more tiling.... this goes very slow when you suck at it, and are doing it by yourself.

Wife Dricore'd the theater room (mostly). Just need to finish around the stage, after I finish the stage.

And here's a shot of the 2x3 I put up for the soffit.

And this will be it for a while, off on vacation at the end of the week. Hopefully it's not too cold when I get back, and I am able to finish up the tiling....
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it's looking good. I'm planning on tiling this comming weekend or the one after.
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Back from vacation, all rested and ready to get to work!! Just had to finish off the tiling and then put everything aside until the spring time when work slows down. a couple of hard days the other weekend, and I got the rest of the tiles up in the bathroom.


Now I can focus on work, right? nope. Got a letter in the mail from the city of Calgary, saying i need to get my final electrical inspection by the 4th of November, or pay a ridiculous permit renewal fee. So, I spent the last 2 days finishing up a bunch of electrical work.

Grafik Eye installed:

Wife painted the entire basement (aside from theater room) so we could get the plugs up without having to take them back out again later. Got all the plugs and switches in now. We didn't snug them down though, so they don't stick to the paint, Will do that right before inspection. No pic of this...

While I was doing other stuff, wife grouted the bathroom floor. Still need to do the entire shower though.

Finished install (ie put in bulbs) for the pot lights above the bar (which is currently the litter box area).

Cut out holes for theater room pot lights. Wired up the pot lights. You will also notice that i have put up some "sconces".

Then I ran into my first issue... the pot lights I have, which are the same as any other retrofit pot light I'm sure, have clips that snug down onto the top of the drywall. But, it assumes you have 1/2" of drywall, not 9/8" of drywall...

So when you go to put these into the hole that you just cut, the clips don't make it to where they need to be. so for each hole, in 2 spots....
I had to notch out the top layer of drywall so the clips could fit properly. sigh...
LESSON: Actually, I'm not sure there is one here... just extra work you gotta do.

Then I took a break from the pot lights, and worked on my riser. I decided to make it 12" high. 14" would be ideal according to the riser height calculator, but I don't think i have enough clearance for that. Off to Home Depot to buy some 2x12x8's, and of course they don't carry them. Just 2x12x12, which are stupid expensive, So i sit and think, and in the end buy twice as many 2x6x8, thinking I'll just build upwards. Riser is 8' wide (well, 8'3" really), and 7' deep.
First layer:
And second layer on top of that:
Look at the step. I used a ton of screws to join the 2 layers together, and secure to the floor.

I need to order some recessed stair lights before I can finish it off. Apparently home depot doesn't carry those either....

Then back to the pot lights. Just have to put them in their holes and I'm done.
LESSON 2: Make sure you leave enough electrical wire in the backer boxes.... A couple of them were a bit of a struggle, but in the end I got them all.
All lights on:
Lights at half bright:

Pretty short list now to do before the electrical inspection:
-Install stair lights
-Tighten down plugs/switches, put on cover plates
-Install Steam Shower plug-in. I've got all the materials already, just need to run a 10' length from the panel to basically right below the panel. Easy.

That's it for now, more to trickle in as it gets done.
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Weekend update:
Did some more grouting. not done yet tho, so no pic. Maybe next weekend?

Ordered stair lights. They are the kind that fit into a regular 2"x3" electrical box. So, I cut out some holes for them:
And wired them up. I have box extenders on them, so they will eventually be flush with whatever carpet we put in.

I'm now able to keep the Grafik Eye live the entire time, as all of the wires are properly terminated. That means that all of my wiring is now fully live. Probably get the final electrical inspection for Friday, even though I'm still waiting for the stair lights to come in, and the rope light wont be connected until much much later.

Also built the lower part of the stage. Actually turned out to be easier than I expected. Here's my procedure for it:
-mocked it up in SketchUp, and pulled off the dimensions for each of the pieces of 2x6.

-Transferred these dimensions to paper, cut the pieces of wood

-Scribed the dimensions on the floor, estimated how much dricore I should cut out

-Laid down my cuts to make sure everything looked OK

-Cut 5 1/4" strips of 1/4" underlay sheeting. rough placed the peices in place, and started screwing them in place.

-As I expected, as I started to tighten down the screws, the plywood flexed into a position I didn't like, as I didn't spend any time trying to cut the 2x6's at the correct angle. I just cut them at 90's. So, I took the brad nailer, and put in as many brad nails as physically possible after the ply was tacked with the screw.

-The brad nails held things in place enough that I was then able to tighten down the screw.

-And add another screw to solidify things

Final product.

Next weekend - buy 60 bags of play sand (30 ft^3 is what I calculated as needing). Buy some plywood. Do some heavy hauling, fill some cavities with sand, and cover with sheeting. Main part of stage will be sand. Front part and riser will be filled with pink. All will be covered with 2 layers of plywood, with roofing felt between. Sounds easy enough, right?
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nice writeup
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Oh goodie, 60 bags is only 3300 lbs...
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Good work, you're flying through. I'm in the same boat, have to get my final electrical inspection done by the 3rd of November, only I've extended mine twice.
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Another weekly update:
-Electrical inspector came on Friday, and after much close inspection (he was training a new guy at our place) we passed. This means we have now officially closed all permits on the house, and as far as the city tax-man is concerned, our basement is 100% done.
-Bathroom vanity and bar cabinets were ordered on Friday as well. They are supposed to be ready some time in December.

-Got the grouting all finished up late Friday night. Going to get a glass door guy in on our next day off to measure things up, and then we will get that ordered. Need to put on the fixtures etc as well still. Actually, need to buy some shower heads...

Went to HD on Friday and bought 30 bags of play sand (approximately half of what I need). Hauled it all downstairs, started filling the spaces

Ran out of poly, so went back to HD on Saturday and bought some more as well as picked up all the plywood I need.

NOTE: filling the cavities is a lot easier with Medium weight poly, rather than the heavy duty vapor barrier stuff.

Filled riser with pink

Put on 1 layer of plywood, 2 layers of tar paper, 1 more layer of plywood. repeat.

You can see that I've also now got the stair lights installed. Plywood runs 1/2" past the end of the riser everywhere.

I've still only got half the sand in the stage, but I've cut all the pieces of plywood and laid them on top (cats....)

Then it snowed on Sunday, so I wasn't able to get the rest of my sand. Maybe next weekend.

I'm thinking I may attempt to buy some doors and hang them, as well as build my soffits some time in the coming future, Maybe over the next month or so. If I can get those 2 things done by xmas, maybe I can get some carpet installed sometime in the new year...

That's all for now.
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Snow already! Crap it is going to be a cold one this year. Good idea on covering the stage we do not want it turning into a litter box eek.gif On the riser and stage the carpet guys were glade I did a round over on the lip we used a 5/8" router but a hand sander would do the trick also. It reall makes the edge of the step stand out.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Small update:
Finished filling stage with sand:

Laid plywood overtop (2 layers with tar paper between), filled front part with pink:

Put down over-cut pieces of ply:

Made up an over-hang jig a la Big:

Traced out a line 1/2" past the base of the curved section:

Cut with jig saw, and voila, stage finito:

It was snowing all weekend, so that pretty much killed any plans I had to do any more work in the basement (pick up and install doors, pick up cut and install soffits, etc). Did a little clean up and organization, but that's about it. I guess I'll just drink some wine and watch the Walking Dead...
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The snow's been ridiculous these last couple weekends. Would have been some good weekends to hibernate in the theater and watch some good movies.
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Originally Posted by sgolko View Post

Small update:

Cut with jig saw,
That is the hard way on a large radius like that a circular saw would have worked
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Yeah, I hear ya. I don't like my circular saw though, so I opted for the jig, Oh well, it's done now.
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Lots of excellent work here - moving right along!
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