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Whew, I knew it was worth it not to wait until Kaveri was released. smile.gif One thing you can always count in is the slipping of release dates.
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New confirmed details on AMD’s 2014 APU lineup, Kaveri delayed
According to this revised schedule we obtained, engineering samples of Kaveri won’t be ready until August, production candidate samples will go out in October and initial production will begin in December. The target launch into channel is now mid-February 2014.
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GIGABYTE Announces A88X Series Motherboards

ASUS listed two FM2+ mb in its website. One of them: A88XM-A

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Very nice! It only has six SATA ports on the mobo though, so it is not a good board for me.
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Micro Center has some nice bundle pricing with the unlocked A-series. I was looking at the A8-6600K & noticed it had a TDP rating of 100W vs only 65W for the A8-6500. That seems like quite a jump in power. I tried to find some reviews on the A8-6600K but the only things I find are basically charts listing the specs. IOW no real testing. Is it safe to presume the 100W would only be approached under full load conditions? The less power hungry A8-6500 would cost $40 more because it does not have any special bundle pricing. I'd have to pay more upfront for the lower power CPU & maybe recoup some of the expense in electricity used over a long period. And of course less power means less heat.

Does anyone think I would be using appreciably more power with the A8-6600K in every day use? I don't plan on playing any games or doing anything to stress the PC.
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A8-6600K is perhaps the best APU for video playback (I tested almost all APU SKUs myself). A8-6600K consumes more power because it operates at higher clock + higher voltage when Turbo Boost enabled (I usually disable Turbo Boost for stable operation [some video playback tasks such as SVP don't like constant change of clock]). At idle A8-6600K system consumes the same power as A8-6500, ~35W (1 x SSD + 1 x HDD). Get a good cooler of course.
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I am still hoping / waiting on mITX Kabini boards.
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Price in Japan:

ECS KBN-I/2100 (E1-2100 2C 1.0GHz / HD 8210 128C 300MHz, 9W): 11800 yen = $120
ECS KBN-I/5200 (A6-5200 4C, 2.0GHz / HD 8400 128C 600MHz, 25W): 19800 yen = $199, a short review (in Japanese)

ECS mb are a bit pricey. I hope ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE Kabini mb are cheaper.
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It's nice to see them for sale somewhere. I too am hoping for a Kabini motherboard with on-board DC power that just takes a AC adapter. That might be pushing it though smile.gif.

[Edit] Looks like the ASUS XS-A is the mini-ITX motherboard I am hoping for: on-board DC power and mSATA.
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I realize this is getting a bit OT, but it does relate to the AMD Richland.

I considered upgrading my desktop which has a quad core Athlon II X4 640. I’d like to add an SSD & thought a new mobo with SATA III would be the way to go, plus having UEFI BIOS would really speed up boot time,

Some typical Micro Center bundles are as follows:
A6-6400K with MSI FM2-A75MA-P33 mobo combo is $70.
A8-6600K with same mobo for $110.
Stepping up to the MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 is an extra $20 in either case.

The A6-6400K is probably all I need but it seems like a step down unless I stay with another quad core. The Athlon II X4 640 works well for me when authoring video using VideoReDo, however I don’t do much of that anymore.

The Intels are quite a bit more.
Intel i3-3245 & Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 bundle is $175.
Intel i3-4340 is $139.99 & ASRock H87M Pro4 bundle is $200.

From various reviews & comments it seems the Intel CPUs have stronger processing power than comparably priced AMD ones, but AMD is better with graphics. Of course I could always add a graphics card.

I started by looking for an AM3/AM3+ mobo that would use my current CPU but would have SATA III, but I could not find any. One thing led to another which ended with a $200 upgrade path.

Should I even consider the A6-6400K as a replacement for the Athlon II X4 640 in order to utilize SATA III and UEFI BIOS?
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Two Kabini motherboards are now available in the US at Newegg.com:

ECS KBN-I/5200 AMD A6-5200 Quad Core $139.99 + $6.98 shipping
ECS KBN-I/2100 AMD E1-2100 Dual Core $83.99 + $6.98 shipping
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Interesting, but expensive. I wonder if the quad uses dual channel ram.
My first HTPC setup was a Brazos, and it would handle everything pretty well except for HD Silverlight Netflix . Kabini probably could, and perhaps even lower level madVR.
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I am going to be looking at one of these for my HTPC rebuild instead of the original plans I had. I will be keeping an eye on this thread.
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This is the one I am looking forward to, the ASUS XS-A

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Originally Posted by Ruiner View Post

Interesting, but expensive. I wonder if the quad uses dual channel ram.
My first HTPC setup was a Brazos, and it would handle everything pretty well except for HD Silverlight Netflix . Kabini probably could, and perhaps even lower level madVR.

i believe i read somewhere it was single channel, and i am going with one for the next build i need. AMD's site shows the 8400 as 3d blu ray capable, and all the tests show it being almost twice as strong as an E350.
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Kabini a6-5200 benches here (not english) http://adrenaline.uol.com.br/biblioteca/analise/784/amd-a6-5200-kabini.html
Not bad, but that ECS board is still more expensive than A6 Richland/mITX bundles. It's hard to argue for Kabini at that price in a desktop.
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Kaveri is now out. The GPU makes amazing strides, the CPU not so much. All in all, a pretty "meh" launch. Too bad.

While looking up info on it, I ran across this picture, which I find far more appealing than the APU.

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Please stop posting pictures of my girlfriend.
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Originally Posted by StardogChampion View Post

Please stop posting pictures of my girlfriend.

She said she was not seeing anyone when we went to the hotel! Umm...I mean...no problem. smile.gif
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The 45W A8 looks promising. It looks like more than 384 gpu cores is a waste with DDR3 at this point. There isn't much of a performance gain between that chip and the A10.
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A 45W APU with decent gaming graphics might mean AMD comes back to the lineup for me. The Gigabyte A88X mini-ITX motherboard looks like a nice one at a decent price too.
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Another disappointing AMD release for the gamers. Still, for HTPC use, the Kaveris and Kabinis should do just fine. I'm pleased with my Trinity A6-5400K based box and the 45W Kaveris will be more powerful and efficient.
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