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looking for $250 diy subwoofer

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Looking for a diy sub build that costs about $250. I've searched the forums but havent been able to find plans that list cut measurements. I have a friend that does cabinetry for a living and he can build me a sub but he needs the measurements. I found this on another forum but it will be over budget. http://forums.soundandvisionmag.com/showthread.php?574008-IG-COF-12-Titanic-Subwoofer-Plans . Im just posting it as an example of what Im looking for. Detailed plans to give to my friend so he can make the cuts. My budget is $250 for the sub, amp, wood, wires, ect. Everything but the finish. Room is small maybe 12x14x8. Music/move/tv is 100% for all three lol. So do what you guys recommend?
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Well a cut list will depend on the sub you pick out. wink.gif
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kinda hoping you guys would recommend drivers and amps
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A $250 budget for everything kind of limits your options.

Personally, I'd go with a horn since you can use inexpensive drivers and don't need as much power. The downside is that they're more time consuming to build and need larger boxes. Here's what I'd build:
Bill Fitzmaurice Table Tuba - $15 for plans
Infinity 10" Driver (or use one of the recommended drivers in the plans) - $49
Dayton 250W Plate Amp - $125

That leaves $60 to pick up two sheets of plywood. If you decide to go that route, don't buy anything until you get the plans first. That Infinity driver mounting depth might be too tall to fit, but I don't have the plans handy to check (the Infinity is 5 7/8").
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Search the forum for 1260w and 1262w to get some ideas for designs that meet your budget. You will have to decide on sealed vs ported....or horn-loaded.

You may have to make up your own cut-list but that isn't rocket science.
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table tuba for sure
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First of all, Welcome to the forum??? I don't know if you came on here just to promote your website or whatever. rolleyes.gif

Price level:300 - 500 €, that far exceeds his $250 US price tag and he'd get better output from a Ported 12" Infinity 1260w/1262w sub in the correct size box which costs ~$60 US. Heck, I bet you one of my 10" subs will blow your sucker out of the water! smile.gif
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