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Parasound Halo A23 or New Classic 2125?

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Budget is not in play (the price difference is miniscule between the two). I've listend to the a23 and I liked it. However, I don't want to spend even $10 more if there is no difference in sound quality, especially when I personally prefer the cosmetics of the 2125 better.

Please, first hand experience only. I don't want to hear the theory which sounds better, etc.

Thank you very much beforehand.
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No first hand experience but no brainer for me if price the same, Halo for sure.
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Price difference is there but miniscule ($150), I like the cosmetics of the cheaper model. If the sound quality is identical, I might as well buy the cheaper model because I like the look better. Only if the Halo is really a better amp I'll buy it albeit the ugly (IMHO, of course) appearance.
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I'd choose the Halo as well. Wider power bandwidth, higher damping factor and more importantly, higher current capacity. And XLR's are always nice to have if needed.

But the 2125 is still a great amp and has the Classic look. Halo stuff does kinda stick out like a sore thumb if you don't have anything like it in the rack. Most of my gear still looks more like the Classic design than anything else.
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I agree with Clarke - the better specs on the HALO are worth the extra $150. Whether this actually translates into a better sounding amp, well as you know, that is a another whole discussion. If it was me, I would spend the $150 extra just for the peace of mind of knowing I had the premium amp and not worry about whether it sounded better.

I am sure you are probably aware but will repeat anyway - the A23 is now available in black for the same price. This may help with the cosmetics preference that you mentioned. Good luck in whichever you choose. They are both great amps.
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Thank you guys! I'll get the Halo then; you are right, at $150 difference, might as well get the "best" just in case it's actually better.

Again, thanks a lot!,
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Excellent point about the color finish Paraneer. I keep forgetting that since Halos always seem to be displayed in Silver. Personally, I like the smooth sculptural look. I'm sure David will be happy.

Heck, I'm still using an old HCA-855A in my current setup. Built like a tank and runs barely warm to the touch. Every time I go to replace it with something like the XPA-5, I just can't do it. I compare all of the specs and look at my room needs and it keeps money in my pocket and upgrad-itis at bay. Would like a higher current rating though. Speakers aren't challenging and neither are my listening levels but still prefer something like 45 amps. Maybe a used 1205A? smile.gif
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