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Originally Posted by holyindian View Post

Have a quick question guys. Can you keep your iPad or any android pad on when mounted on the wall only to turn off at night, turning off meaning sleep mode or the mode when the tablet need to be awakened with the push of the button. Will it cause the tablet to go bad if it is turned on all the time during day time? Does any one keep it turned on screen mode all the time?

I keep my android tablets on all the time in daydream mode with the click. Touch to wake it up and go to my custom launcher. Works great (so far)
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whatever that means. They also say the iPad 4 sleeve is "coming soon" and the iPad 4 has been out for a long while now -- likely they are having issues with the lightning port. So who knows how long it will take.


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I used a mount from amazon. I flushes into the wall. It's difficult to remove but I like that so it doesn't go missing.




There's one for the iPad mini too.



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I don't know what level of customization you are after but...


If you are using a computer with access to wifi as your control, I would highly recommend checking out TouchOSC and the OSC protocol in general.


Here is a very simple example of what it can do... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gEyp1TGS4E


Interfaces are simple-looking and completely customizable.

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Loxone has a US web shop as well as US support.  Here is link to their wall mount.  



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I've now had my launchports for a few months. They are definitely worth it. White, with white cases. I have four launchports throughout the house, and 2 ipad mini's. so when there's nothing on them it looks fine, and it's super easy even for my 6yr old to pull it on and off to charge.
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