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Speaker placement

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I posted this in another sub-forum but I think this is probably the better place.

I have had my living room setup this way for a while now, and while I enjoy my home theater I am looking into ways to improve the speaker placement or rearrange the whole room. I posted a pic to show roughly what I am working with. I eventually want to move up to a 100-120 projector screen so keep that in mind. I was thinking about moving the tv to where the window is, if I did that where would you place furniture and tv/audio? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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What are the room dimensions (roughly)?
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Window wall is 15-16ft and sliding door is 23-24ft. The openings in the layout are the two entrances to the living room.
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How many people are you wanting to have seated when you get the projector and screen?

Both entrances are to the same living room?
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This room with the two big light sources will be a challenge for a projector and screen set-up. If you are serious about that end goal you should place your TV where the screen is likely to be placed, Rearrange your furniture and determine speaker locations. Consider using quality in ceiling speakers for your surrounds to free up that space and to move them farther from your listening positions.
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Thanks for all the input...Yes both are entrances, yes I know I have weird living room dimensions. It actually gets really dark in the living room because sliding glass door leads to porch which has been converted into a bedroom. And the window is easy to block out light (awning & curtains). This is what I was thinking... Put the tv/projector screen where window is, and put couch where I have my tv now (refer to layout pic) and recliners next to the couch and put the side speakers on both sides of seating arrangement. I usually just watch w/ 2-3 people but every now and again more people are over.
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