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I am moving into a new home and am really wanting to go to a fixed screen from a pull-down screen.

I currently have a 106" Projecta screen I purchased from Best Buy. I'm not entirely displeased with it, I see minor wrinkling, but I just think a fixed screen would look nicer.

I have an Optoma HD23 and will be projecting from approximately 13 feet back.

I'd like a screen to be around 100"-110", though with my limited zoom, I can probably go max about 106"

The walls are a dark, matte burgundy and the ceiling is a matte cream color.

The windows will be blacked out and the lighting can be controlled, though there will at times be ambient light throughout the day, as the setup is in a living room.

I'm not against a DIY option, and also not against spending some money on a decent screen. I've also been shown I'm curious on whether or not I should go with a white or grey screen, and what my options are. Thanks guys!