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Your favorite passive 3DTV, if you were buying today

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I currently have a Sony 40HX800 Active 3DTV. I really do like the set, and like the 3D when I get the chance to try it out. But now a couple of things have changed:

  1. My wife hates the active glasses, and I don't like them much better. They make my eyebrows sweat, and by halfway through a movie I'm fiddling with them constantly. We've tried a couple types as well, and they aren't much better.
  2. I no longer have the 40" size limitation I had when buying the Sony. I used to have an entertainment center that limited me to a TV 42" or smaller. Well, we're fully wall-mounted in our new house, and that wall has an awful lot of room to spare. The 40" looks small on it.

So this isn't an argument about whether passive or active 3D is better. I know active is likely a better picture with more pop. But if I want to utilize the 3D more frequently, a passive set with non-active glasses will really help.

So LG seems to be the passive brand many choose. I would like to get 55" at least, and I'm sitting about 10' from the TV. I figure at that distance 55" will be fine. How big a difference is there in the different model "ranges" for the LG sets? I see the LM6200, LM6700, LA7400, LM7600, LM8600, even an LM9600. I thought I should try for at least a 240Hz set, as those seem in my price range. Is there a substantive difference between the LM7600 and the 8600, for instance? Is there another good brand to consider?

If you were buying a new passive 3d set today in the 1500 - 2000 price range, which would it be and why?
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Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Philips all are making or marketing passive 3D now. I don't know what the street price is far any of them. I got the 65 inch Vizio when the price dropped to what I would pay and happy with it after 18 months. The passive 3D glass are easy to get along with and I have forgot that I had them on.
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LG has the most experience with passive 3D technology, and probably the most adjustment options if you like tweaking your set for the best pq. The 7600 series would be the sweet spot for most features/best pq for the buck.
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