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Paradigm monitor with sub?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a pair of paradigm monitor 11 but I don't have the money to invest on a sub yet. Are these powerful enough to produce a good bass response? Or should I buy the monitor 7-9 with a sub? I'll be listening to music 70% of the time and watching movie occasionally.

Thanks for the feedback
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The Paradigm Monitor 11 will not produce good bass response below 40hz, which you would want eventually for movie watching. But if you can get these now and then buy a good $500 sub to go with them in six months or so, I'd say wait on the sub.
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Alright, I was wondering the same thing for the bower & wilkins 683, do they go any lower? Because if it's possible I would like to buy only a pair of full range stereo speakers without the need of a sub (budget and space constraints)...
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There are no full range speakers that will really make up for the lack of a sub. Definitive Technology makes some speakers with subs built in, but then the problem is that even those speakers need to be placed for reasons other than those which might be optimal for bass output.

Plus, depending on the size of your room, even the built in subs in DTs offerings may not have enough output.
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