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Thomson 52" Scenium

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some advice regarding this huge TV that I have the possibility to buy in second hand from its first owner.

He says he bought it 5/6 years ago for $2500 and I think I might get it from him for around $120 (and carry its 160 pounds back home!).

Is there any known problem to this model? He tells me the TV works perfectly and never had any problems.

If you know something I should take into consideration before buying it, please let me know. Also, do you think $120 is an alright price?

Thank you very much!
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Well, first of all you need to know that Thomson put their name on an RCA Scenium.

It's impossible to know the vintage of the unit without a model number, but I would hazard to guess that it was made in 2002-2004, rather than 5 or 6 years ago. You should look to see if there's a date of manufacture on the back. Caveat emptor.

It appears to have some interesting features, including 720P in addition to 1080i , as well as a variety of stretch modes. Some models apparently have a built in (non-progressive) DVD player, coupled with the TV's line doubling feature.

I would guess that reliability is average, and I have no idea about parts availability, or ease of service.

The picture, from what I've read, can be pretty good. Here are some Amazon reviews:

There are also some reviews on Epinions and Retrevo.

Given that some people give rptvs away (it's an expense to move them), and this is 52" rather than 65" or 73", and that it is likely older than 5 or 6 years old, if you like the set I'd offer him less.

If you look on Craigslist, or on this forum, you can find some larger Mitsubishis, Hitachis, Pioneers and Panasonics (including some CRT RPTVs) that have more "track record."
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Great post taichi4!

I didn't mention that this is a European version and it indeed is a Thomson. I am trying to get the model or manufacture date from the owner.

Is there a place where I can see all the different specifications, depending on the model I'll get from the owner? I don't think this one has a built-in DVD player and I'm not sure it makes 720P.
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I do realize that Thomson is a European (UK) brand, but from what I read they put their name on the RCA Sceniums, so I don't believe there is any difference at all.

You should try and get a specific model number, so that you can get more definite details. There was, apparently, a wide range of options on different sets, and not all had the built-in DVD.

Also take a look at the manufacturing date. You should factor it in if the seller has been a bit fast and loose with the age. If it's his set, he must know that it's not 5-6 years old.

Did you edit your original post to change Euros to Dollars, or do I need another cup of tea?
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I'll post here the model or manufacturing date once I get it (if I get it, hopefully).

And yes, I did edit my original post once I realised this was an american forum wink.gif
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I'm curious about the manufacturing date as an indicator of the seller's credibility.


I did find this review of an RCA Scenium DLP from 2008, although it is a 61 inch model:


So perhaps your seller is giving you an accurate "picture," and I will need to retract my insinuating remarks. eek.gif
It will be interesting to see what you find out by looking at the back of the TV for model number and manufacturing date.

It isn't easy finding information on these Sceniums!
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It's mid-night here and I think he's a sleep already. I'll let you know tomorrow if I get an answer from him.

I asked before and he said he didn't know. I now asked him to please look on the back. Hopefully he's kind enough to do so.

If I do end up buying it, should I lay it down on the back of my car screen down (since its the flat part of the tv) or on its back (which I suppose its roundish)?

This is the TV by the way, photo from the seller:
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Personally, based on my experience, I would not lay it on its side, but rather transport it upright and secured with straps on a small truck.

So it seems you're eight hours ahead, right on (near) the Greenwich Meridian!

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I got the model from the owner, it's a Thomson 52-JW642. Did not get the manufacture date though.

Can't seem to find any information on this model on Google? Maybe you have better luck? Does it do 720P? What about the back connections? Any component or just composite?

Regarding the transport, it would be impossible to transport it standing up. I have a Volvo Estate which is very long and will accommodate the TV laying down with no problems at all. I can always put some blankets on the bottom and then the TV on top. I will drive 20 miles back home with the TV (roads are very good). But if you think during the transport something might break down, then I'll forget about it right now.

Also, I found a Pioneer SD-T50W1 on sale for a bit less but it looks to me that it is older than the Thomson and probably a worse deal? What do you think?

PS: I'm in Sweden.
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If I were you I would pass on both televisions.

The Thomson Model number you gave me indicates it is a CRT Rear Projection, probably from 2004. Now CRT rear projection can be excellent to those who appreciate its video qualities (does not produce eye fatigue, excellent blacks, color depth, and potential color accuracy), but RCA (or Thomson) was not, from my understanding, noted for their CRT RPTVs. Their DLPs rated somewhat better. In CRT RPTVs, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Hitachi, Panasonic and Sony rank higher. It all depends on model number.

The Pioneer model you mentioned (also CRT RPTV) is even older, probably manufactured in 1997.

I can't imagine that the Thomson CRT RPTV is all that reliable, or easy to repair, and there's a lot that can go wrong, even if the CRTs themselves may be long-lived.

Once again, your friend (who you might consider demoting to acquaintance) was being less than candid with you about the television's age, based on the model number you gave me.

I would take your time to look for something newer and more reliable. RPTVs are not that popular right now, and you should be able to find an excellent one at a good price if you are patient.

At least you have a great car!

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Thank you very much for all your answers and advice.

I will pass unless I get the price lowered. It would be a pain in the ass if I brought such a huge and heavy tv home and then it broke down.

By the way, I do not know this person. I found it on sale on a web site similar to craigslist.
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Originally Posted by nampramos View Post


...By the way, I do not know this person. I found it on sale on a web site similar to craigslist.

Then I would demote him from stranger to miscreant, or excommunicate him altogether.

You know, here in the States people often give these CRT RPTVs away because of the difficulty and expense of moving them.

Have you seen the picture? If not, I would really pass on this for something better. Are their not better sets on your list? Is it that you live far from larger cities such as Stockholm or Göteborg, and your choices are limited?
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There's not that many of these TV's being sold actually.

Also, the majority of swedes have large estates like mine or they have horse wagons (not sure if this is the correct name) where they can't just put inside whatever they want, no matter the size.

And I live just 10 minutes away from the 3rd biggest city, Malmö.

But I might be getting a sweet deal out of this guy tonight. I'll let you know later or tomorrow, don't want to jinx it!
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Good luck with it all, and keep me apprised.

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One question:

I want is to connect my MacBook (which has a mini DisplayPort and I have the adapter to convert that to HDMI) and then connect a HDMI to 3 RCA or 5 RCA cable that will connect to this Scenium I'm trying to get?

I understand that a simple cable, without a converting box in the middle, won't convert digital to analog or analog to digital. But in this case, there's no need for conversion, correct?


After reading a bit I think what will work is the following.

I need this MDP to VGA adapter and this VGA to Component cable?
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So, does that mean you purchased it?

I'm not an expert on ports, cabling, etc...

It seems to me if you go to VGA you are giving up your HD signal. Doesn't the the Scenium have HDMI, or more likely in 2004, DVI? If not there is a device called HDFury which converts HDMI to component, but then you're spending more Kronor. (Yes, I know it's all Euro now!)

If you have purchased it there's a thread which I post on called "Don't Dump Your CRT RPTV. The OP is Mr. Bob who's a real expert on CRT RPTVs among other things.
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Not yet. I'm still waiting for the final decision. He's probably getting back home from work soon.

I have no idea if this Scenium has a DVI port. Would be nice if it had but probably not.

But if it has, then it's a much easier task.

I'll let you know how it goes and if I do get it which ports it comes with.


PS: Only Finland got the Euro. Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland still all have their respective Kronor.
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I got a photo from the back of the Scenium. This is a Component connection, correct?

Do you think this Scenium is more than 70 cm (27 inches) deep?

By the way, the seller agreed to exchange the TV for 7 bottles of wine. Since I am a wine dealer, I got all these 7 bottles for free, for sampling. So I'm happy with the deal!
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Given what's happened with the European economy, it was smart of Scandinavia to keep the Kronor.

I plunged into the older postings on the internet, and it appears the Scenium does not have HDMI or DVI, and but has component. If you want to play BluRay you'll probably need to get an HDFury, although some older DVD and BlUray players have component out. I believe the current Oppos, which are state of the art, have them.

The back looks dusty, and I'll wager the optical path (mirror, lenses) are dusty which will have an impact on the picture. The dust that's likely in there can halve the picture quality, turning blacks gray, and dulling the image. PLEASE do not just open it up and clean without knowing the procedure. If you scratch the mirror or lenses, you might need to consume a large quantity of your own product! You will ruin the picture.

Start posting on the "Don't Dump Your CRT RPTV" thread. I believe somewhere on there are some instructions on how to do it, and that thread will provide a wealth of information.

Well, I guess you can't beat the price. I'll bet he's drinking glogg right now.
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I just realised a few hours back how huge this tv really is! So I didn't go to pick it up yet and maybe won't at all.

It won't fit in my huge volvo estate! And I'm afraid if I use a trailer the tv will stop working with all the trepidation ...
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I think I just got lucky!

Sharp Aquos LC-42XD1EA for 1 000 SEK ($150). Going to pick it up in 2 hours. It's missing the remote though. Is there any chance I can order an original one from somewhere?
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Just looking on ebay I found a compatible remote for just under $18, and a genuine one for under $42.

When you look you must find one that lists your model number specifically.

I was skeptical of your getting that set in your Volvo. CRT RPTVs are quite a bit bulkier than DLPs.
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I ordered one last night from Amazon UK that was specifically designed to substitute the original of this Sharp Aquos. Cost me $20 already with shipping. Should get it next week.

Also last night I tested the Aquos with Argo 1080P and it looked great, just need to adjust the black settings a bit once I get the remote.

Other than that I'm happy with the screen and with the small price I gave for it! And only had to drive 10 miles to get it.

All in all, it was good that the Scenium was too big for my Volvo!

Thank you for all the help!
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Glad to help.

I think you were wise to buy a more recent vintage.
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