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Need Veteran Expertise for Newbie Denon/Polk HT Component Matching

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Hi All,

I have been reading the forum as a guest since I got into HT a few months ago. I started with a Denon AVR 1613 and (2) Polk Monitir 70's, (2) Monitor 40's, and a PSW 505 12" sub. I love the system I have, but of course now want more. I plan on staying with a 5.1 setup, but exchanging the Monitor 40's for another set of Monitor 70's and adding another PSW 505. It is my understanding I will need a more powerful receiver to power another two Monitor 70's as I like to listen to my music pretty loud in multi channel stereo. I have been thinking about replacing my 1613 which has a 75w power rating with the Denon AVR 2313 which has a 105W x7 power rating and only using the five channels and two sub outputs. Will this receiver be enough to power the speaker setup I want to run? Thank you guys for your expertise.
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Welcome to AVSForum! smile.gif

The difference between the two would only be about 1db in volume, so I would suggest buying the speakers first and using them with the 1613. If it shuts down at your loud Mult CH Stereo levels, then upgrade to the 3313CI instead so you can add a more powerful external amp (eg. Emotiva XPA-2).

Also note there is a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's linked in my sig.
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I was trying to stick to using just an avr to power my speakers. I do not know much about external amps, but they appear to be pricey and most seem to be two channel. Would it be used for just the front two speakers?

So, I will not notice much of a difference in adding 30wpc?
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Smoothie, thank you for your response. I have read the link in your signature. It said in there not to upgrade for more power, but only if you need the features. In my case, I mostly want more power. Do you advise against me getting the 2313 for the purpose of gaining 30 Watts? Wouldn't it be cheaper to get the 2313 than getting an amp?
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Doubling the power in watts only gives you 3db louder which is not much. If you want really loud get a crown xls1500 for 350 bucks which is two channel and 300 watts per side .
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I am not sure if I am going overboard with external amps or if that is what I need. My goal is to be a little louder (not crazy loud) than my current setup and especially to be able to play at loud volumes for extended periods of time (lets say 20 minutes straight) without having issues with running hot and shutting down in multi channel stereo. From what I hear, having (4) Monitor 70's would be too much speaker for my current receiver to power; is that right? If so, can upgrading to the 105W Denon power those speakers for the above duration without overheating or am I asking too much from it?

If I switch my volume control from the plain numerical value to db, and go up one, is that the difference in loudness we are talking with a 30w jump? Thanks again guys!
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Yes. Moving up with denon won't do much. Give you a sliver .
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you cant add an amp to the 1613 anyway. it doesnt have any preouts. I have the same receiver.

So get your next pair of Monitor 70's and set all your speakers to small so the sub(s) handle all the low frequencies. That'll make it easier on the receiver.

it that still isn't enough power then get a Denon 3313, Marantz or maybe the Pioneer SC-1222which has Class D amps and some people are claiming are more powerful and better sounding than the class AB receivers like the Denon. Plus all these receivers have preouts so it you still don't have enough power then you can add an external amp.

Pioneer SC-1222
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Thanks for letting me know that preamp outputs are needed for an external amp. I guess that part is like car audio which I am familiar with, but have been out of the scene for years.

Lets say I got a receiver with pre-outs and I wanted an amp. How do I power all five speakers, do they make a 5 channel amp? Most I see are two, such as the model suggested here. Also, would I notice a decrease in sound quality? The specs on that amp show .5% THD compared to .08% on my avr.
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That amp would blow the denon out of the water. Go to home theater equipment or home theater website and read some articles .
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So I took a look at the Emotiva 5ch. amp, and it seems really nice along with the price at $900. So let me know if I have this right. I have to spend $1200 on a Denon avr 3313 to get the pre-amp outputs and then drop an additional $900 on this amp for a total of around $2100 to get 200 WPC? I do not add the putput of the avr to the amp power right? That is beyond what I want to spend on a system at this point. Should I just get a 2313 or 3313 and be make due with the 105 or 125 WPC? If these models can play at high volumes for more than three songs in multi channel stereo without overheating that would work for me.

3313 & Emotive amp = .095 watts / $
3313 only = .113 watts / $
2313 only = .117 watts /$
Pioneer sc-1222-k = .218 watts / $

The Pioneer is looking pretty good to me at this point given what I have to pay per watt. I am happy with the Denon brand though as I like my 1613, so I am not sure if I want to jump to the Pioneer. Any thoughts on the 3313 vs the Pioneer?
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