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I've purchased Paradigm Monitor 11 floor standing speakers along with the Atom monitor for surround and the sub 12 and center 3. Now I'm looking for a receiver that would be a good match. The monitor 11 floor standers are rated at 93 SPL. So from my understanding at 64W in they would be putting off 111 dB and since both of these have 110W per channel I think I would be able to listen at pretty loud volumes. Are my calculations good along those lines. The Marantz is 1200 and the Yamaha is 1100. The Marantz has full discrete amplifiers per channel. Not sure with the yamaha. Description says something about symmetrical design to separate left and right. But it doesn't say fully discrete.

There are so many other things to consider as well like dealing with compressed music from an iphone for this not so ideal situations - don't always have CDs.