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Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away 3D

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Just watched this last night and loved it! The 3D was pretty good and the acts were just amazing. I could not believe some of the things they did:eek: I highly suggest seeing this movie, it will leave you shocked. BUY IT!

Here is their website to learn more, http://www.worldsaway3d.com/
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Should have it midday tomorrow, I wish I could have found the time to have seen it when at CES in January, it was at the Orleans ... every time I get a chance I watch Cirque du Soleil.
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Watched a little while ago, excellent AQ, PQ & 3D ...
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Just arrived today from 3D-BluRay rental. Looking forward to viewing this as well as Life of Pi in 3D.
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I bought it to see the 3D effects. Very well filmed in 3D.

The movie is basically an excuse to show highlights from all of the Vegas Cirque shows in 3D. I was truly surprised to see Beatles Love scenes appear. The number of movies with actual Beatles music (as opposed to remakes) is very small (perhaps less than 10, excluding the Beatles movies). The other shows are also well represented. The amazing thing is a lot of what is shown in the movie is done live (almost) every day.

Anyway, this movie is highly recommended. It will now be one of my 3D reference movies.
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I want to get this film. While looking for it a BB it was another instance of the studios not caring to really promote their 3D products. I had to hunt through the display to find the 3D version, which looked almost exactly like the regular blu-ray cover, just a small line stateing this has 3D version enclosed. There wasn't a seperate section for the 3D version or a signage tag telling the price. They were mixed in with the blu-ray boxes and only the price tag made you aware of the higher price.

Also, the 3D enthusiast continues to get screwed with having to pay for a 2D, DVD and Digital Copy they don't want. I really enjoy my 3D TV and content but because we are a minority we get the old corporate shaft. Perhaps 3D TV would be more popular if you could buy just the 3D version for the price of the blu-ray version? The corporations don't care to know as they are happy with the multi-dics squeeze that 3D owners don't seem to complain much about. I would like to see some sales fiqures on the 3D combo packs.
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Yes, there were quite a few Beatles Love numbers presented as well as those from Ka, O, Mystere, Zumanity and even from Believe ( Criss Angel) but I'll need to watch it again to see the number from Believe. I've seen all these shows live and Believe was the only one I didn't recognize in Worlds, but it was listed in the credits.

I thought the movie was well done as were the actual shows, but frankly, I would consider the 3D just average, not ready to be reference amazing standard.

If you are a fan of Cirque du Soleil shows, then this is a good one for the collectors. I also have the other 3D Cirque Journey of Man. If you liked Worlds Away, then Journey of Man should also be on your list of must haves.

Best Buy dismantled the 3D section last year here. When I complained about it, the "manager" at the store front said it was a decision by corporate to scatter the 3D with all the others. I told him I used to buy from BB but you can tell your Corporate moron that from now on I'll just do my buying from Amazon. He just smiled like he didn't really care.
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I've been a CDS fan ever since Allegra was new. I thought it was ok but not incredible. Better than Journey of man. This movie used their vegas shows and I guess I am more of a fan of their touring shows because those are more "circus like", and these edge a bit more toward performance art. Specially the beatles and elvis stuff. I would reccomend it to someone who has never seen CDS but I would say if you want to see the TRUE magic of Cirque du Soleil, hit something like Quidam, Saltimbanco, Allegra, Varakai, Dralion, or Kooza if they come by your area.
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My favorite CDS show is Ka at the MGM in Las Vegas. Since you are a fan, I wonder if you know about the shows, Ocean Aria and Blue Planet performing on Allure of the Seas cruise ship. The show style was Cirque style performances and many of the musical selections was taken from other Cirque shows. But the shows are credited to Royal Caribbean Productions, not Cirque Du Soleil. Can you lend any additional information? See my YT channel for a look at the shows on the Allure.
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I guess I am alone in really not liking this release... to me this defined a 2D product shot in 3D...

One of the biggest problems inherent with translationg Cirque to video is the nature of cirque... it's huge with lots going on and the environment melds with the choreography in so many important ways to make the show what it is.

It's a daunting task to transalte this to a video for sure - you simply can't get the actual experience of being there, but that's what I had hoped the 3D would bring to it... but that is not what I experienced at all.

I am surprised this got such a warm welcome by viewers here becuase my number one take away from this viewing experience was "How many angle cuts can we cram into this video?" It literally felt like a cut a secid for most of the action parts (the segway parts were nicely done though). They rapid cuts didn't cause too much eye strain due to change in depth fortunately, but they totally removed me from the beauty and continuity of the choreography. You just didn't get the feeling of how it all tied in together and while it was coold seeing all the angles and close ups, I think they would have been best suited for a seperate highlights clip or maybe some kind of picture in picture deal occasionally.

At the end I felt like what I had wanted was a panorama of the San Francisco skyline and bridges and I got hundreds of closeup pictures of buildings and parks in a rapid slideshow...

The worst part for me was that a lot of the magic of what they were doing was lost due to the camera angles! They would take the incredible stunts running up a wall and rotate the camera to shoot with the actors "standing up" in frame... then this just looks like some cheesy movie action scene... in fact that's what I felt through much of the presentation - this lost the magic of Cirque and just felt like a mix between an average movie and an MTV music video with all it's rapid cuts and wild angles. I fully understand that just a shot of the wall from the front as the action happened would miss out on a lot of detail but surely something like a slow rotation around the wall with the camera would have done a better job than what there was.

And as I mentioned I found this all compounded by myriad of rapid cuts. It's like they wanted to make sure you never miss any detail and in doing so basically took the magic out of all the details. It felt as if everytime someone made a face, looked a different direction, flicked a flag or jumped they cut to that person...

I love Cirque and part of the experience is that the surroundings are impressive but they are still surroundings. You know you are missing a lot of details because you have to choose which thing to look at and whatever you look at is amazing... again a hard one to transfer to video but honestly the option they went with, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut was jarring and I found very dissapointing.

I may be the only one who feels this way but I would personally have loved to just have a 3D shot panorama of the stage, pulled back the whole time. Maybe with slow camera movement/panning to give you a better feeling of depth (even with the 3D) and then some picture in picture shots or something of particularly impressive action.

There were a few moments during the trampoline scene where there was a full stage shot for a whole 2 seconds or something and I found myself desperately hoping they would just hold that angle a little longer... and they never did.

Really this felt like an hour and a half TV commercial for a circuis.. you know how they compile a clip of all the fast in your face action as clowns fly at tigers roar etc? It was that for most of the 90 minutes and that's a lot of rapid action to take in for that long... and again I feel that spoiled the very graceful yet huge nature of cirque...

Another thing that got me was the use of slow motion... while it's nice to get the details that a high speed camera shows on a slow motion closeup, really it's not important to the action. You KNOW the guy is spinning around, you know the girl is flipping, is it neat to see every ruffle in her dress? Sure... but not that neat and not that many times and then you know it's not matching up with the musical score like it should becuase obviously it's not slo mo in real life. Every time I saw the slow motion I felt like something was being changed about the experience for the benefit of a slo mo shot that would have been well served at the ending credits or something.

Lastly the zooming in... I admit it's great to see the close up of actors makeup and outfits occasionally as they truly are spectacular, but it's a great HD shot already and you don't really need to be that cloes to appreciate it. After all IRL you aren't close up (unless you bring theater glasses or something and who really does that?) and actaully being close up destroys some of the illusion sometimes.

These guys are all wearing stage makeup designed to exagerate every feature so it can be seen from afar... and that usually looks wrong closeup. Painted on shadows look obviously fake and painted and dramatic face makeup looks less real and more like painted on faces from too near. Also the costumes are fantastic and do a great job of hiding the fact they are costumes - from afar. But up close you see all the shoe lines, hem lines, gear hooks etc. In the swinging ship scene I felt it really damaged the effect whent hey zoomed in on a guy and literally have the scene was cables and hooks... it looked more like gear than guy in that shot.

Overall I was quite dissapointed. It didn't make me feel at all like I did while I was at Cirque and while it's been quite a while since I watched the 2D video's I don't recall these being issues to that extent with them... even if they were I feel this was a hugely missed opportunity to use 3D to bring the cirque experience home.

Everything about this felt like it was shot for small screen, 2D promo material, not big screen 3D ambience transferal it should have been. I understand that even on a 50 ish inch screen that might have lost a lot of detail, but I think it would have been an acceptable trade and for those watching on the big screens it would have been perfect.

Again, maybe it's just me, but I really wish that about 70 minutes of it had been more or less static panoramic stage wide shots... in 3D I think that could have given a good feeling of the effect of Cirque and on a big enough screen really been an experience. Also it would have let me do the thing I always wish I could with cirque (and can't afford to) which is see the whole thing over and over, focusing on different spots each time... with all the choreographed action I always watch something crazy awesome but know I missed 3 other awesome things at the same time. I would have loved the opportunity to rewatch and look at different spots each time - quick cuts and closeups do not allow for that.
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I have seen most of the Cirque shows in Las Vegas and they are fantastic and very expensive. I actually thought the video was too slow moving as I would have preferred more acts and less time spent on the boring story. You make some good points but I still enjoyed it and liked the closeups.
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I thought the movie was too long also and I wasn't crazy about the majority of good 3D shots. The show was pretty amazing though.
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