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Wood floor in projection room

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Our carpet it pretty worn where our projector is. I would like to have a wood floor in the room (it is my man cave). I have some material left from a project that will do the room. It is a prefinished very dark material. I laid a bunch of it out in the room and 'tested'. I like the color being darker than the old carpet but there is more reflection with the floor. Also, I realize there could/will be acoustic issues. In my 'test' it wasn't bad though. I appreciate your thoughts and knowledge.
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Is this a "general purpose" room or more of a dedicated theater room? You could always get a nice area rug to put on top of it where you'll be dealing with some reflections.

If you're looking for an all-dark room with little echo, then a hardwood floor isn't a good choice.
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It is mostly 90% for watching sports. Yes - I thought of the area rugs and that seems to be a pretty popular choice.
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I would put down the wood, buy a nice area rug to treat reflections and not look back. My .02 worth.


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I would like to do hardwood as well. Why is wood a problem on the floor, but not the walls?

If it's due to reflections, how much absorption does carpet and a pad really absorb? Carpeting the walls is frowned on because of the high frequency absorption. Why is it ok / desirable to apply that same skewed high frequency absorption to the entire floor?
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