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Stacked XG91s Amplifier Options...

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Hi All,

First here is my tvfool report:


I have two XG91s and plan to stack them. I have narrowed it down to two options and would appreciate your input.

Option 1: Two XG91s feeding a combiner and then on to a Kitztech KT--200. Link to KT-200 amp


Option 2: Two XG91s each individually feeding it's own Winegard LNA-100 and then on to the combiner. Here is the link to the LNA-100:


I would appreciate hearing your thoughts...

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The Kitztech 200 is a reportedly a good low noise preamp. But the Winegard LNA-100 is a new product that does look promising. And apparently a USB powered option. Looks similar to new Mohu Jolt amp, but with slightly more power. But even if you use Winegard amp, I think only one amp configuration into antenna combiner is all that should be used, same as your idea for Kitztech. Using 2 amps may actually degrade signal or overload.
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