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Behringer EPX 4000 fan replacement mod even necessary?

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I just got one a couple days ago and those fans are loud, no doubt. After opening it up to look at it, noticed it has some big heatsinks, I started thinking about the amps intended use and environment and thought to myself "for home theater what the heck do I need the fans for anyway?" And so all I did was unplug the fans, ran it a good hour with moderate volume while watching a movie and only got slightly warm to the touch, running two sealed 15" titanics with it. So is going through the trouble of replacing the fans even worth it? Think about its intended use and intended environment, this amp is meant to be at a club or other event, where it may get quite warm inside along with other electronics next to it and playing music non stop for hours, pushing out tons of power continuously. When the hell are you going to be doing that in a home theater setting?

I'll fully test this in a couple days and see how warm/hot this thing will really get in a bass heavy movie played at loud volume, but am quite confident these heatsinks in here are more than enough to handle our kind of usage.
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I'm tuned in. Are you going to listen at reference level?
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I'll be interested to hear this also. Just got my EPX back from warranty, high SPL including clip limit for too long (at a party), and it died.

It got bloody hot! I'd be keen to find some PC case fans that will draw more from it, without sounding like a kitchen appliance.
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I just bought 3, but beat the dog **** out of my amps. They stay in another room so noise isn't a problem. Tried the fan mod on ep4000s and didn't like it due to the extra heat felt on top. Keeping the high speed factory fans. Some mod and have zero issues, guess i'm not one of them.
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When popping in two replacement fans only takes about 5 minutes per amp, and they cost less than a dollar each, I voted to just go the whole way and put new replacement fans in
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After testing it for a couple hours with music even at low to moderate volumes I came to the conclusion the fans are needed, by design these things are consuming too much power even at low volumes, probably to give immediate high power when needed. You could probably over heat this thing in a few hours just by having it on and no fans running.
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Hey beast did you say a dallor? I need to do the fan mod in my epx2000 and would love to find a great deal on some 24v fans that are quiet.
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