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Seymour AV Non-AT Screen Reviews

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Has anyone tested the Non AT version of the Seymour's Glacier White. I'm trying to decide between this screen and the Carada. With the Seymour being about $200 more.

I'd like to find out the following
  • Picture Quality
  • Build Quality (Snaps vs. straps for fixing the screen to the frame)
  • Quality of customer support
  • Likelihood company will be around for a while

    Also, screen size suggestions would be appreciated. I do a bit of gaming and don;t want the sore eye effect from searching back and fourth across the screen.


Media Room: 15x14 with seating at roughly 13 feet (Light controlled but will be viewing Football games with lights on)
Projector: Epson 6020UB on celing about 14 feet from screen
Use:2D movies mainly with 3D sprinkled in, Gaming, TV Programs (sports in particular as noted above)

Thanks all in advance for your help.
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I'm in the same boat and interested to hear any differences. Sadly, this area of the forums seems fairly dead.
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Here is a copy and paste from a post I did in another thread asking about the differences:

The Seymour AV and Screen Excellence solid screen materials have a black backing and the Carada does not. That is why Chris suggested a dark background for the Carada screen. The Carada uses snaps. The Seymour AV screen uses O-rings for both their Premier and Economy frames. The premier frame is velvet covered. The Economy frame is black painted aluminum with velvet on the frame where the frame meets the image. The Screen Excellence uses Velcro attachment and has a velvet covered frame. All three companies have excellent customer service. Seymour AV is the US manufacturer for Screen Excellence. We are dealers for all three, if you have any questions, let us know.

Here is what Chris had to say regarding the differences:

By Chris
"I really like Carada screens. While their 1.4 is a benchmarked number and its actual measurement between 1.1 and 1.2 in my testing, it's still a little higher gain than our 1.3 Glacier White. I think Carada makes a great product and have often recommended them to friends and family. I recommend a dark background behind Carada's 1.4 since it's not an opaque material. It's also a bit smoother since it's doesn't have a lightly-embossed surface like ours.

I would say I prefer our framing and hardware though. I prefer our bounce-back grommet/o-ring tensioning system. Our border material is about twice as black, we have curved and less expensive masking options. (However, Carada's motorized masking is a great value if you'd considering that approach)."
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Thanks very much Mike! Thought I'd throw one more in the mix: What do you think about the Cima Screen from Stewart?
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The Cima is a nice screen. Throws a nice image. Like these other screens, it does not have optical coatings like the ST130 does. The optical qualities are built into the material. That is one of the reasons, this screen is more price competitive. Nice thick smooth material. The Cima screens are only available in the sizes listed, no customization.
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