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Best Linux for EeePC 701SD needed

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Decided to brush off my old Eeepc netbook and find some use for it. It's got an 8gb drive and 1gb of ram. It has XP on it but it runs too slow and why I put it away. I'd like to put Linux on it and keep it by my bedside for some late night surfing or gaming.

I noticed there was some distros especially made for the Eeepc but they are all outdated and not supported much. I don't know ANYTHING about Linux but would like to learn some basics.
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I've never tried it before, but if I was looking for a lightweight distro, I'd probably start with Puppy Linux since it has a good reputation as being one of the lightest distros.

The great thing about Linux is the distros are free so try a few and decide what you like. As a minimum, I'd suggest trying an LXDE desktop distro like Lubuntu and an Enlightenment distro like Bodhi. I actually played around with Bodhi a few weeks ago and it looked really slick and interesting. However, I prefer a more feature-rich desktop so it wasn't for me. But I could see how a lot of people would be really happy with the newest version of Enlightenment that is in Bodhi.
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I have an EeePC 900, and I can run any version of Linux on it that I want. It originally had a 4 GB SSD in it, so I installed Fedora, then Ubuntu onto a 16 GB SD card. It works great! Just don't put a swap partition on the SD card

You didn't say what size hard drive yours has, but if your EeePC doesn't support booting from the SD card. You can install Plop to the hard drive, and it will boot from the SD card (I think).

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Mine has a 8gb ssd drive. I tried a few lite distros on live cd yesterday. I was interested in one called Puppy Arcade 10 but it didn't boot correctly but it did boot on my Thinkpad laptop. I'd like some features so maybe I need to think a little more grand.
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Trying out Bodhi now. I installed it to ram. Ehh.. it's ok.
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My picks-

Precise Puppy 5.5- latest release with Ubuntu 12.04+ .deb package compatibility

Puppy NOP- Puppy with XFCE

WattOS- Ubuntu compatible with LXDE and best power mgmt, R7 due any day, based on 12.10

A new "microwatt" is also coming any day now, very low CPU/resource usage.



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