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Tall basement ceilings for home theater - who has them?

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My wife and I are looking at homes, and we looked at one this weekend that made my eyes as big as dinner plates. It had 13 foot + ceilings and a cavernous space that was unfinished and begging to be a home theater with a ENORMOUS home IMAX type screen.

Have any of you been in a home theater room with such tall ceilings? Which way would you orient the theater in this room?

This is one wall to show the height of the room. That is an eight foot ladder!

This is the room I'd probably place the theater. Same height ceilings - no windows. Close off the back entrance and it would be a dark awesome theater! Black carpet etc. I was trying to figure out if I'd place the screen at the end of the length, or basically place it on the right wall, and have the couches against the concrete. No real need to drywall. I could just hang black acoustic treatment panels over all the walls?
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Looks like a nice room. We have a walkout basement, but it's only 8' ceilings. smile.gif
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You don't see that too often, I'd love to have that, hell I'd love to have a 9' ceiling height, dealing with no walk-out and 7' 6" height.
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Had 18' ceilings in our last house, but only 8 or 9' in the basement. Wasn't into the home theater thing at the time though...
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When I built my house, I wanted tall everything. So my basement has 10 foot ceilings throughout and it just makes the room look so much NOT like a basement. I lost about a foot due to the drop ceiling since I wanted access to what's above. It would have been nice to have 10' ceilings with the drop ceiling though so if I ever do it again, I'm making the basement at least 11'. (Mainly because the stripper pole at 9' tall isn't tall enough for the girls to do the really cool tricks...)

I'm not so sure I like 13' ceilings in the basement? It's almost overkill no?
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didn't seem like overkill to me -- the projector screen could be HUGE! biggrin.gif
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13' ceiling for a home theater smile.gif
Nice Stepped floor with a couple rows of seating!

What are the room dimensions? . From the photo I would put the screen at the far end then a couple rows of couches. Build your media cabinet and wall to close off the space about where your standing.

Tommy - if you ever "do it over" check out CeilingConnex grid - it works great. I was able to utilize all 9ft in my basement!
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The room is like 14' foot wide by 20' long. Not as big as would be ideal - but the ceiling makes it seem so cool. My initial thought was going width wise - having one row of seating and just having an ENORMOUS IMAX type screen on the 20 foot wall, but it makes more sense practically to have the seats arranged for the depth of the room and to make risers - still taking advantage of the height, but having risers and tiered seating. The home is still on the market, and my wife isn't yet convinced it's the one - but we've looked at it six times now and I'm sold. eek.gif
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Just now seeing this thread - wow, are you guys for sure moving? I remember you talking about the possibility but I didn't know you were this serious.

Any updates on that? Where is this house?
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wife couldn't decide and house sold. we still will stay in our starter home for a while longer.

but tall ceilings are cool and I hope to find a home with taller ceilings.
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I agree, high ceilings would be perfect for a dedicated room.

When you resume your search keep in mind they sell houses on the Kansas side! smile.gif
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