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Klipsch KSW-10 or something else?

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So I've slowly started my beginner's home theater system consisting of a pair of Infinity P363s with my cheap LG HTiB center channel speaker powered by a Yamaha RX-V373. I'll be hooking up a PC351 soon enough and then working on the surround speakers. Someone is selling a Klipsch KSW-10 for 60 bucks on Craigslist. I can spare it but not to the point where I should spend it only to upgrade in si months or more because it doesn't sound that great. So my question is this - Get that sub or save and get a higher end Klipsch or perhaps a SVS or HSU sub? Thanks for your input!

(There's also an Infinity PS-212 for 180 on there but I didn't want to spend that much right now or give it to a guy who describes the bass as "ass tearing" lol.)
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i started with a modest budget 5 years ago. however, i had a clear path to where i was going. i wanted all klispch. at present, i am happy with my 7.2. all are klipsch speakers except for the two subs. all of them are from craigslist or ebay. for what i had saved by going to craiglslist and ebay, i splurged more for my receiver because i wanted the latest audessy, internet update, apple airplay and more hdmi inputs. also i got a 55 inch tv which i feel completed my system. the only thing that i ended up replacing is my center speaker--it produced tinny sound so i upgraded to a much bigger speaker this year. this made a lot of difference. with the klipsch sub for $60, i think it's a good buy. you can still use this as a second sub later on. thanks.
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My old ksw10 is still going strong, after many years of faithful service as my HT and party sub in my college days. I was shocked at how much bass this thing put out. It's been since 'retired' and a part of my pc system now.

Nothing much below about 35hz tho. I'd say its easily worth $60 and well in line with the rest of your system but you'll likely want to upgrade something in six months anyway.
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