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Official AVS National HD Channel Lineups - Cable/DBS/Fiber/IPTV - Updated 3/27/14

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RSNs in HD Chart

Note: Dsp. indicates an ongoing programming dispute, channels marked are excluded from the total count.

The above chart details national carriage agreements with the top television service providers in the United States for all presently available or announced HD channels. Providers listed include the two major DBS carriers and the top terrestrial providers, including Verizon and AT&T's fiber services. Other providers have been excluded because their footprint is simply too small.

A tip of the hat to all the AVS members who have contributed to the spreadsheet over the years, and a special thanks to URFloorMatt, CycloneGT, nataraj, sansri88, and Ken H for their prior work keeping this thread and chart alive.

Subscription Sports Packages
This chart also tracks subscription sports packages with HD coverage. All cable providers marked above and Verizon FiOS offer their sports packages through iNDEMAND's three HD channels; Team HD, Game HD, and Game 2 HD. As such, they offer a limited amount (one to five games) of HD coverage on any given night with their package. DirecTV broadcasts significantly more HD coverage to its subscribers, typically all the HD games available in each package.

iN DEMAND began offering nine total HD feeds for its subscription sports packages on September 16, 2011. Carriage of these additional feeds varies by provider and market. For more information, see here.

RSN Carriage
A separate chart has been created for tracking high definition RSN carriage for the providers listed, but please understand it is currently a work in progress so errors are expected.

Most cable providers and Verizon FiOS only carry RSNs in their designated market areas, however there are a few that are available nationwide.

DirecTV, Dish & AT&T U-Verse carry nearly all RSNs nationwide which can be added to base programming packages by subscribing to an additional add-on (usually a Sports Pack/Tier) or in some cases subscribing to the highest base package offered. All blackout restrictions still apply.

3D Channels Carriage
This chart tracks 3D channels carriage for the providers listed.

East & West feeds
Where a "West" feed is marked, that means the provider offers two separate feeds of the same channel, one on a three-hour delay from the other. A reader on the West coast should probably swap the words "East" and "West" on this chart, and assume that if a provider does not carry a secondary feed of a given channel, the feed missing is the East coast feed. Yes, like most sports coverage, this chart too has an East coast bias.

Wide vs. Limited Carriage
Since cable operators roll out channels on a market-by-market basis, the default selection is "limited availability" unless a press release or someone here indicates otherwise. Channels listed above as "wide" are available to at least 50% of markets/subscribers.

Current Version
The most current versions will always be available for download via a Dropbox URL which is updated instantly the same time changes are made to the files.

The spreadsheets available on Dropbox are an Excel 2007 version, if you use an older version of Excel a Compatibility Pack can be downloaded free to edit in Excel 2000, XP, or 2003.

Click here to download the latest file. (National HD Lineup Chart)

Click here to download the latest file. (RSN HD Lineup Chart)
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Both charts are now up to date as of 3/27/14!

As always, please post all updates, suggestions and corrections for the chart below

Thank you!

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The following are all now wide for Cox.

beIN Sport HD
Outside Television HD
Universal Sports Network HD
World Fishing Network HD
Starz Cinema HD
beIN Sport En Espanol HD
Univision Deportes HD
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Nick Toons and Nick Jr launched on TWC NYC
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SportsNet LA Dodgers is now wide on Bright House.

Now Wide On Bright House

Starz Cinema HD
Starz Comedy HD
Starz Edge HD
Starz In Black HD
Starz Kids & Family HD

EPIX 1, 2 and 3 HD arrive May 7,
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QVC HD, MLB StrikeZone HD and TVGN HD are now limited for Cox.
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Verizon FiOS is rolling out OAN HD wide.
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What OAN hd?
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One America News HD 616 on Vz FiOS
Originally Posted by dotsdavid View Post

What OAN hd?
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Originally Posted by dotsdavid View Post

What OAN hd?

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TVG is in HD on some RSN's getting ready to take the TVG channel HD as well?

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Fusion TV HD is now wide for Charter.
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The Weather Channel is back on DirectTV after The Weather Channel promised to remove half of their reality TV shows and focus more on the weather.

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Comcast is taking full control of FearNet.

It will shutdown and it's programming will move to Chiller.

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