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Help with setup.

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When i play blueray bass is great .When i try to play cable through it seems no bass everything else seems fine.went into speaker volume did the front center rear when i got to sub there was no white noise to hear.Have i set this up incorrect ? Can i set up each sound field blueray channels separately .Meaning in games i may want more sound than bass but if change settings it is effects
all playback thought i could setup sound fields separately. Thanks for your help.
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You have to change the sound mode when you change inputs. At least on my receiver. So when I switch from my 360 to my PC, I change it to stereo so that it's only 2.1 When I go back to 360 I turn on surround sound. You gotta switch though.
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What type of audio are you playing when you say "cable"? The receiver doesn't know what type of box the sound is coming from. It only knows the format of the audio itself.
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Cable tv there is no bass but i do have it when i play a blue ray disc.
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Cable TV covers a wide range of mixes and audio formats. Some content will have very little bass. Other shows, especially action movies broadcast in HD with DD 5.1 tracks should have lots of bass. So, are you watching HD cable with DD 5.1 as the audio format? And, if so, how's the bass on shows that should have lots of it?
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Hi playing cable tv xfinity.
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watching hd and reg channels no bass in either .
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Sorry, but I cannot help much with such cryptic answers. There's a big difference between watching CNN HD and a movie like Jurassic Park in DD 5.1. In order to get troubleshooting help, you need to start by playing a program that should have plenty of bass. Then, we can use that to figure out what's happening with your source and/or receiver.

Also, what receiver do you have?
How do you receive TV signals?
How is your TV source connected to the receiver?
What are the audio output settings of the TV source device?
When you feed the TV signal into your receiver, what format(s) does the AVR report it is getting?
Are you using any surround modes in the AVR to modify the TV signal?
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