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Arcade Legends Question

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Hi guys, New to this board but glad i found it. I currently have an arcade Legend fully loaded that has worked fine for years. Only had to replace the battery on the motherboard when it finally died a year or so ago. I loaded pac man/galaga years ago using a cd unlike all the game packs i bought and loaded via USB. I have completely forgot just how i loaded them in and they worked. I recently have found space invaders and a few more games like jungle hunt also on cd. My question is, are their any cd's that will work with my machine just like the pac man disk did years ago? I understand getting games is virtually impossible on USB sticks anymore so figured this might be my only hope.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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I sold mine about 6 months ago. It worked great for me for about 5 years then I started to worry about the PC failing so I figured i'd get rid of it before the pc died and i'd be left with a 300lb brick. this thing really should have had a solid state drive in it not a regular hard drive. I do think the AL3 is a solid state drive.
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