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I'm no expert on these technologies, but I believe that most 3d options are compressed, meaning less resolution for each eye and lower quality.

SBS/TOB cut the resolution roughly in half for each eye. I believe there are also audio drawbacks to SBS (using only front speakers for surround sound).

Sensio is a patented Visio technology and available on limited manufacturer's sets who have signed on with Visio. I don't know if our sets provide a Sensio option or not. I only use 2D to 3D conversion or SBS as I only have the 7400 speakers, so no need for better audio. Sensio provides full 1080p resolution to both eyes and has no sound drawbacks that I'm aware of. However, to enjoy the benefits of Sensio the source must be created with it and the TV must have the option for it.

Bottom line is that you have nothing to lose by using Sensio all the time (either the source was made with it and quality will be better, or source wasn't made with it and quality won't be less than SBS).

I've seen no difference between the various 3D settings on our set when the source is SBS or converted from 2D. Your eyes may pick up things that mine can't.

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Thank you. I was trying to figure out if one format would give me more depth in 3d over the other.. Coming from a vizio m551d-a2r and their 3d has more depth IMHO. Not saying lg is bad, just wanted more depth.