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Best budget MP3/MP4 Player

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I am looking for a different MP3/MP4 player.

I own 2 separate China MP3/MP4 players and eventhough they are separate models both have the same issue. When powered on they display either a white or yellow screen. The content is still accessable via a computer, but their operating system seems to have become corrupt. Funny thing is; when one went I figured no problem I still have the other one unitl I powered it up and it has the same issue. Strange that both would have the same issue at the same time?? frown.gif

At any rate...
What would your suggestion be for a budget based MP3/MP4 player?
Which one do you use and what are your likes/dislikes?
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What is your budget and what brand did you have problems with? Seeing as most things are made in China, saying it's a China mp3 player really doesnt help, lol
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They were generic MP3 players with no company names on it.
As for budget I think I am allowed to spend at the most $50 on it.

I was going to get a Sony 8GB for around $75 but that purchase was disapproved.
I might be able to swing it if I purchase some flowers at the same time, but right now I do not want to push it. redface.gif
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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB + 16gb micro sd card all from amazon. Would be $40 for a 20gb player. I have it a like it smile.gif. It's also well received by the head-fi community. If you do a search over there you'll find lots of fead back

EDIT: I missed the part about wanting mp4. The Sansa Clip+ doesnt do mp4. My bad frown.gif Look at the SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ 8 GB. It also can take micro sd cards
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Well, I got a MP3 player. It is the iRiver E300 $59 from Amazon iRiver store.

Well buildt unit, actually has weight to it and it doesn't seem flimsy.
Able to accept a 32 Gb micro card
Player has a fitness option
Easy to use buttons
Clear bright display
Support via Facebook, Phone, and Email. (who actually respond within 24 hours)
Has location within the US for sales and support
Long play time went around 8 hours before battery showed loss

Unable to sort content
Unable to import into database music located on external memory (card)
They only offered the 4GB model in the US (would have perferred 8GB)
They only offered the Black model in the US (would have perferred either blue or orange)

Overall I am happy with the unit, hopefully they will have a firmware update to add external memory support for database features.
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