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New to home theatre, having trouble with set up - Subwoofer

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Hi there,

Hopefully Ive posted in the right place. Im new to home theatre, and am trying to figure out the best settings for my set up:

Wharfedale Diamonds 9.5 (fronts) - 5m away from listening position
Wharfedale Diamonds 9.0 (rears) - 1m
Wharfedale Diamonds 9CS (centre) - 5m
Wharfedale Diamond SW70 (sub) - Behind sette

Onkyo TX NR515
Panasonic 50UT50

When I ran the audyssey set up, it set all the speakers to 40hz, sub to 120hz.

Now from reading on forums, most people set their speakers around 80-100hz.

I tried setting the speakers to Full Band, and then 80hz but the fronts sounded a bit bassy. I then changed it to 100hz and it didnt sound too bad. Is that right, or am I hearing incorrectly?

The only difference I have to most other users is that I dont use my sub all of the time, only for watching films. Will this be an issue or factor?

Any advice on suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Audyssey is setting the speakers based on their response. The only caveat is that the speakers are only EQ'ed down to this frequency; if you set the XO lower than Audyssey rates the speaker, it's not EQ'ed. Setting higehr is not an issue, but you should have all speakers crossing at the same frequency as the sub. My Onk 707 won't cross the sub lower than 80Hz, so that's what I use.

"Bassy" sound can be crossovers, but also average level. Look at the relative levels of the sub vs other speakers, first to be sure you're not pegged at min or max level (+/- 15dB in mine), and next to see if you might want to change the level. These are also the menus for turning it off, but if you have a good sub, I don't see a reason to.

And, of course, the sticky link at the top has more...

Hsave fun,
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How do you not use the sub all the time?
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Thanks for the replies.

I will have a look into that. I think its a matter of understanding of what everything does, and how it affects the sound.

I didnt see that sticky before, looks like a good read. Will do some homework over the weekend.

I just wanted to make sure that I wasnt going to ruin / break my speakers by adjusting the settings etc.

I just leave the subwoofer unplugged when I dont want to use it. Or am I geting confused with something else?

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Originally Posted by 33coupe View Post

...I just leave the subwoofer unplugged when I dont want to use it...

Why would you do that? Does that sub have an on/off/auto option?

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If you are using bass management to redirect low frequencies to the sub, then you need to leave it on all the time. Otherwise the redirected bass will simply spill on the floor. If you have set all of your speakers to full range, it matters less because the only thing going to the sub is content in the .1 LFE channel. But, it's generally a good idea to use bass management, even with speakers capable of deep bass. Your full range speakers need to be positioned for imaging, which may not be optimal for bass reproduction. You can position a sub anywhere that works for performance.
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The sub has an on/off and auto sense switch. Crossover knob set to 40hz, is that right? Receiver states 120hz.

I dont really want the sub on when watching normal tv like the news etc. Isnt it mainly used for films and music?

Hmmm Im not sure if Im using bass management, will have to look into that.

Ive set all the speakers to 100hz, and from what I can tell it sounds a bit better than being all at 40hz.

Sorry, this is all new to me.
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With Onkyos, if you set speaker crossovers, that engages bass management. If you set the speakers to Full Band (it might be called Full Range), then you are not using bass management.

The crossover on the sub should be turned up as high as it goes or turned off altogether, if your sub has such an option.

The sub is not just for movies. It handles low frequencies better than full range speakers.
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Ah ok thanks for that.

I did try full band but it didn't sound that great so set the crossover myself.

I Will keep the sub on auto from now on. I've set it to maximum which is 150Hz
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