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Denon 1910 audio only

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Hi I have my cable box set to run through on my 1910, is their a way to have only the audio from my t.v to play via my denon 1910 using optical out from my t.v. So basically regardless of what I'm watching or streaming on the tv I can get the sound thru my 1910

Hope this makes sense
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Sure. Connect the optical from the TV to the AVR . Set the TV to output over optical (if necessary). Switch the Denon to the optical input that's connected to the TV. That takes the receiver out of the video and switching business altogether. You connect all of your devices to the TV and choose the one you want to watch using the TV's input selector. The AVR stays on the same optical input from the TV all of the time and processes whatever audio the TV sends. The big problem with this approach is that most TVs only send stereo, not encoded multichannel audio, from externally attached devices.
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Thanks for your reply, I have tried that already, for info. I have my sky/cable set to run through mode with an optical connected, when I select TV on the 1910 it still plays the sound from my cable/sat box even though I have changed the TV to free view, It seems the sat signal is over riding the TV even though the 1910 is set to TV with no video input and optical 2.

Any helpl appreciated
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Sorry, but I don't understand how your equipment is connected. Please explain what devices you have and how and to what each is connected.
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Bluray = HDMI 1 on avr
Sky/cable box = HDMI#3 & digi cable on avr and set to standby source
TV digital cable attached only

what I would like to do is have the volume of what I'm watching on the TV (either PS3 or streaming from the net) play sound through the avr.

Thanks for your reply
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I get the Blu-ray connection. i still do not understand how you receive TV signals and how that equipment is connected.

It looks like you have a set top box connected to an HDMI input on your receiver. What do you mean by the "digi cable on avr and set to standby source"? You aso say "TV digital cable attached only". What is that? An optical or coax cable from the TV output to a receiver input? Is there no HDMI connection from the AVR to the TV?

How is your PS3 connected to the TV and/or the AVR? Is that the Blu-ray player on HDMI 1?

What source acquires the content for Internet streaming - is it a Smart TV app or is it coming from another device such as your BD player or PS3 or yet another device you haven't mentioned?

Once again, if you want the receiver to play the audio from the TV, the source of the audio cannot originate in the AVR. The source has to be connected directly to the TV.
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Hi thanks for your patience on this

The bluray is in HDMI1
My cable box is on HDMI3 with sound via optical cable, this setup is set for run through so I can watch cable on my TV without my avr switched on when I want.
My PS3 s connected directly to my TV via HDMI
I have connected an optical cable from my TV out into optical2 on the AVR and set it up as no video source with optical audio.

My thinking was that I could watch a 3d film via my ps3 but have the sound through my AVR via the optical cable from my TV to the AVR.

Hope this makes sense
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The optical cable for your cable box seems unnecessary. The HDMI output carries both video and audio. If your AVR supports HDMI Standby Pass-through so that you can listen with the TV speakers when the receiver is in standby mode, the optical cable won't be involved in that function. So, what exactly is that cable doing?

As for your PS3, it seems like you have it set up correctly. The PS3 is attached directly to the TV and the TV has an optical audio connection to the AVR. Post #3 above says you continue to get your cable box audio when you switch to the TV input on the receiver. I am guessing that the selector position on the Denon that you think is associated with the TV output is actually associated with that needless optical connection from the set top box to the receiver. It's also possible that the HDMI CEC feature used for Standby Pass-through is taking control and playing something you don't want. But, I'd start by getting rid of that optical connection from the set top box.
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Ok got rid of the optical connection from my cable box, using cable was only way to get HD sound. (Sky box hardware issue)
I have deactivated the stand-by pass through mode
I have the optical cable from my TV to my AVR and setup assigned correctl (as far as i can see)y, when I select TV on the AVR I still cannot get any sound.

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Managed to get my PS3 to play sound through AVR with picture direct to TV, couldn't get the sound from my TV to the AVR via an optical cable.

Has to be a TV issue :-(
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Well, optical does not support HD audio. It carries DD 5.1 and DTS, but not lossless or multichannel PCM. Of course, TV broadcasts max out at DD 5.1, so it really doesn't matter. At any rate, are you saying the Sky box doesn't output DD 5.1 over HDMI? If so, what are you doing for audio from Sky now?

As for the TV output, removing the optical cable appears to have made a difference. In post #3 you said the TV input on your AVR played Sky box sound. Now, if I understand your latest post correctly, you get no sound on that input, which suggests that input was actually associated with the optical connection from Sky, not from the TV.

So, I suggest you go back and double check your Denon digital input assignments. Also, it is possible there's a setting on the TV to enable the digital audio output. Some TVs do not send anything out that port by default. Or, maybe the optical cable is bad.
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Sorry I meant DD 5.1 on the sky box, most of sky is watched through TV by passing AVR so no great loss by not having sound through AVR

Double checked optical assignments on AVR and both were configured as per manual

Tried both cables and both worked on PS3

There is a setting for the TV which I changed but still no joy

My main reason for this post was to enable me to watch 3D bluray on the PS3 and listen to the sound through my AVR.

I can now do that after your help so thank you
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Glad you got most of what you want working. I suspect the remaining issue is with the TV.
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