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Speaker Wire

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I have a pair of 12 AWG speaker wires for my front speakers. I am looking at getting the same gauge for the center and surround speakers. Is it in my best interest to stay with the same manufacturer or can I use a different brand?
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It doesn't matter at all. As long as you are using the proper gauge wire for the distance from power to speaker you can use barbed wire fence if you like smile.gif

I personally like Blue Jeans Cable or Monoprice as sources.
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It doesn't matter as long as the wire you have isn't some of that clear zipcord stuff you can find at big-box home improvement stores. I bought some of that stuff back in the 1990's. I went with CL2/3 wire several years ago and noticed that that zipcord stuff had turned dark and was green in some places. Googled and found out that the clear rubber was interacting with the copper and oxidized it. This defect might not be present in the wire that can be bought at Lowes/Home Depot now, but I would stay away from it since that stuff is probably made in China.

I buy my CL3 wire from KnuKonceptz because it is more flexible, has more shielding, and has a round shape instead of a twisted shape, like the Monoprice stuff. There probably isn't any sonic difference between the two but the KnuKonceptz is much easier to work with and looks better covered in TechFlex.

The wires at Blue Jeans Cable have twisted conductors too and they cost about as much as the KnuKoncepts.
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