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Today's Show:
Media players have become the bridge to all our content. Whether that content is located in the cloud or on a server somewhere on your local network, these media players turn the digital bits into hours of multimedia enjoyment. We’ve looked a few devices over the years and they keep getting better and better. The WD TV Play is the latest one we look at and at $70 its priced in about the middle of the pack.

We also discuss:
  • Cable-cutting households jump 150% since 2007
  • THE Netflix ISP Speed Index
  • 4K LCD TV panel shipments to increase 40-fold in 2013
  • Netflix kills third party app platform, current apps will continue to work
  • Amazon Instant Video in HD (Finally on PC!)
  • TiVo Mini, priced at $99, also carries a subscription fee
  • Nielsen: Game consoles are streaming videos 22% of the time

and a lot more...

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