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I need some advice on buying an av receiver to power a sonos connect unit. Best buy has a deal if you buy the sonos and a receiver. I posted the link below.

Here is my situation:

I have a sonos play 3 and love it and I want to get the sonos connect unit that will play music throughout our house. Our house has speakers in the ceiling in 4 rooms. I have a receiver from the early 90's (Technic brand) that powers the celing speakers and some old school bose little cubes (about 10 years old). I would like a receiver that has hdmi inputs but other than that I'm not sure what is really important in deciding which receiver to get. The receiver and bose are in our family room. That room also has the in celing speakers. Does the wattage on the receiver matter much or do they all have plenty of power to push sound throughout our house?

Any advice on what to get would be very much appreciated. Are of these receivers good deals when bundled with the sonos connect?