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We have three vintage cars. 1956, 1958 and 1959. Needless to say, no fm radio, cd, cassette. Just a tube type AM radio that I want to leave in place!

I want an amplifier that I can control with my Galaxy Note 2 phone. The amp does not have to do anything except amplify the media coming from the Andriod phone. I would like it to run 2 speakers..

The very best would be to have an amp that I would hide in the glove box, or under the front seat that would power 2 speakers with bluetooth signal. If I drive another car, remove the BT speakers, the amp, and set them up in the next car. I can run power to the BT speakers.

I was thinking about mounting the BT speakers with velcro so as to be able to easily move and relocate them. The speakers would need to be small, but powerful as two of my cars are convertibles.

I could also run hardwire to each speaker and have a plug to connect/disconnect them. The wring would stay in place in each car and I would just remove and plug in the amp and speakers in the next car.