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LED/Plasma TV or Projector for movie nights?

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I have a budget of $1k. After doing research I've narrowed it down to two options. I rarely ever watch TV, so this is mainly for movies. I can get both rooms to be pitch black whenever I want to watch a movie so light isn't an issue. Both rooms will have a viewing distance of 10'. I want the best movie watching experience in my situation.

Option 1: Optoma HD20, Elite silverframe 84" cinegrey(largest screen size I can fit in this bedroom), 25ft hdmi cable, ceiling mount. All just under $1000. I would set this up in one of my smaller bedrooms where I also have my PC gaming setup. I already have a Logitech 5.1 audio system installed for my gaming PC so this is a plus.

Option 2: Panasonic TC-P60U50 60-Inch plasma tv in the master bedroom. No plans to install surround sound system. I could also use it to watch TV during the day if I ever wanted to.
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If its for "movie nights," I would go with the projector... no contest. I've recently transitioned between similar scenarios.

I went from a 58" Samsung Plasma to my current 129" DLP projection setup, both setups with seating at 12 feet.

What I miss most from the Plasma:
  • The gaudy rich colors and brightness of the plasma
  • Watchability during the day, despite glare on the glass from sunlight
  • No bulbs to replace, and 40-60,000 hours of life.

What I enjoy most from the Projector:
  • The size, duh. (An aquaintance of mine recently purchased a 70" plasma and he was visibly distraught by how unimpressed I was when I saw it.)
  • Replication of a movie/theater setting. You're exposed to a new dimension of immersion. It's much more of a feeling of being in or close to the content rather than observing through a high quality monitor and I'm not even talking about 3D.
  • Really no need to go to the movie theater, makes paying for early digital releases more attractive.
  • The daylight constraints have made me a bit more productive during the day tongue.gif
  • I'm not an avid gamer but Deadspace, GTA & Battlefield are all freaking awesome to play. Again, coupled with surround sound the immersion is wonderful.

Maybe another comparison for you -- At work I have access to and use high end cisco telepresense technology for conference calls... it has an array of very large plasma displays, high def cameras with realtime streaming and identical furniture on all ends to really make it all very immersive and "real"... That setup costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, doesn't even hold a candle to my projector in terms of immersive impression.
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For your needs, projector all the way.

If you were going to say 'a mix of tv, sports, movies, and games,' i would have recommend the plasma as it's lower maintenance to deal with than a projector.

i too have recently added a projector to my digital electronics arsenal (came from 2010 Panny Plasma) and I cannot fathom going back to watching on a 50 inch screen. the immersion factor is palpable, and I found myself really immersed into whatever content I was watching. It definitely heightens your focus into the movie.

Will I be going to the theaters as often now that I have a quality projector (BenQ W1070)? Probably not as often as I used to. Heck I even researched how to make authentic movie theater popcorn. http://www.squidoo.com/movie-theater-popcorn-secrets
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With the masses here and Projector all the way. I went from a 50" Hitachi RPLCD to my current 106" Epson 8350 setup. I sit about 12 feet away from the screen and i wonder how i suffered with such a small tv for the 4-5 years of owning it. I will admit my friends 50" Plasma has the inkier blacks but nothing beats the size with a 7.1 sound system to go along with it. Like others i find no real urge to go to the theaters to watch a movie anymore and i have been working at one for more then 12 years now an all my movies are free to watch. Ok, some you do need to see in theaters first but overall home is my preferred spot to watch.
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Thanks for the responses guys. I'll go the projector route. I've been to several home theaters and I can also say that the experience is amazing. The thing that was worrying me was the picture quality and versatility of use in comparison to a nice plasma tv but It doesn't seem to be that big of an issue with the proper projector setup and my circumstances. It'll be quite an exciting transition from watching movies on my 21" gaming monitor to a 84" projection. I've also been thinking about going ahead and buying a higher quality projector under $1k first such as a HC4000 or W1070, and then buying the screen a couple months later. Would it be worth the wait or would the HD20 suffice at 84"? I have no interest in 3D.
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I have had both the HC4000 and I currently have the 1070. The 1070 is a better projector.
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Do you have dark walls in your room? If not I think a projector can be fairly disappointing unless you have a proper screen to deal with the reflections from your walls. I was much happier even using a 60" set in my living room because of reflections.
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