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Share ceiling speakers with AVR and Russound

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We're building a new house and I'm debating how to handle playing music from a Russound setup in a room that has speakers for theater setup.

I want to do it in a way that doesn't require intervention. As in, when I turn on the zone from the Uno keypad I don't want to also have to go over and turn on the AVR and change it's source. Same thing when using the AVR, I'd prefer to avoid having to go back over to the Russound and turn the zone off if the AVR needs the speakers.

Otherwise I'd just have two sets of speakers and that starts making the ceiling look ugly.

Now, I guess I could do something like keep an iTach at the AVR (which is in-room with the theater gear). Then have something monitoring the Russound CAV66 to determine if/when the zone in the room is powered up. Then send a signal to the AVR to have it switch the input to that of the Russound zone. And also pick up on volume changes from the Uno to the zone and likewise send them to the AVR.

But I'd prefer to be able to do something passive with just the audio signal. Perhaps by routing the audio from both the Russound and the AVR into an automatic switch and have that handle switching. Would this be less trouble? Would anyone have a recommendation on such a switch?

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Yes, you can absolutely do this. I've got the same setup for my bedroom between an AVR and a NuVo system. The switch is a "local source interrupt". NuVo's version uses a 12 or 24V trigger line from the room's keypad. Russound has an audio-sensing automatic switch just for this purpose:


It just takes a little planning to route the speaker wires so they pass by one place that you can get power to as well (DC adapter needed). Probably easiest to plan a location wherever the AVR for that zone will go, and route the WHA wiring there.

The other method to share is to take the line-level output for that zone from the Russound unit, and send it to your AVR as a source, and then simply use the AVR and all of it's capabilities. I went that route for my family room. Difference is using the main L/R speakers and the power amp of the AVR instead of the WHA amp.

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Thanks for the Russound link. I think that's the sort of solution I want to use. I'd prefer to be able to run the speakers independently of the AVR. But then not have to kill the zone when the AVR was powered up. It's nice to be able to just use the keypad to bring the audio up, without having to deal with the AVR.

I think I'll use them in both the family room and the master bedroom. This way I can get the wall keypad control without subjecting my wife to dealing with the AVR. Lots can be done to hide all that with remotes, but nothing's as simple as something passive. But I'll still probably bring line-level up from the CAV to the AVR anyway.
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I'm not sure I follow you... That switch is a speaker-level device that shares speakers between your AVR and WHA (Russound) system. For the Russound side, the AVR isn't involved whatsoever. The speakers are switched to the AVR side only when the AVR is powered on and attempting to use the surround channels. It is "passive" in the sense that it's automatic - no one has to touch it or do anything with it.

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