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Streaming with all share

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Hello guys, made an account just to ask this, haven't been really spending time reading the forums, so I could hope to get an fast answer from you guys.

Now Sometimes I stream movies from my Pc to the TV I have with allshare, my pc does support the Arabic subtitle but the TV doesn't...

Method Iv tried is only is putting them to at the same place but still don't get the incorrect letters.

Iv been searching for a while but its really hard to find. Would be nice if you guys could answere me how to make it work if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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This involves transcoding video in real time where the media server burns the subtitles into the video stream, try something like Serviio instead which can do this.
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I assume you have MKV files. Your other option, probably not the ideal one, would be to use a video converter software and hard code the subtitles in a conversion to AVI.
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