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whites too bright on laptop screen

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I have just bought a new laptop: HP ENVY dv6-7300ea Notebook PC

I noticed in the shop that all the screens had eye-searingly bright whites, so I bought the one that we least bad. However, I am still finding it unusable.

I ran a spyder2pro and changed the target to 2-2-5000 and it got a lot better but, it is still not usable for me. I wondered if you would have any advice? I saw that there were similar threads here, but I could not understand the jargon.

My older laptop is a Toshiba satellite pro U400-142 running win xp and I have no problem at all with it. The new one is Win 8.


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I should mention that we have tried everything with brightness and contrast and gamma and what-have-you in the graphic properties options. No cigar. I have also changed the theme so basically everything is beige except for the gmail window, which is still white.
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From the spyder2pro docs it seems that perhaps I should be changing both the white point and luminance, but I'm not sure what value to change the luminance too. There is some explanation in the helps docs, but it assumes that I can use a hardware control to change luminance, which I can't. Do you think I am on the right track concentrating on white point and luminance, or is it just that the screen is bad and should be sent back. All the others in the shop seemed worse, though I have not yet seen a Dell XPS 15 or a Toshiba satellite P855-32J, which are meant to be good.
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Decrease the backlight level of the laptop.

Using the action keys
An action key performs an assigned function. The icon on each of the f1 through f4 keys, the f5 key
(select models only) and the f6 through f12 keys illustrates the assigned function for that key.
To use an action key function, press and hold the key.

[small * sun icon] f2 Decreases the screen brightness incrementally as long as you hold down the key.
[large * sun icon] f3 Increases the screen brightness incrementally as long as you hold down the key.

page 36 Chapter 5 Navigating using touch gestures, pointing devices and the keyboard:
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Yes I tried that. It didn't help. I also changed the theme to get rid of most of the whites. I'm into modifying white point and luminance now.

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You're on the right track with white point and luminance. Luminance will probably be the key, but you could try looking at moving to a warmer color temperature. If it's set too "cool" or "blueish" that can increase the perceived brightness of the whites and can be bothersome. White point is what you'd want to look at to change this. Try D65 if that's an option.
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Thanks so much for this! I have tried changing the luminance to lots of different values and spyder2pro just keeps saying it can't do that and defaulting to 58. I tried 150, 100, 58 and 30. I don't seem to have the option of D65 white point. I have 2-2-6500, 2-2-5000, 2-2-Native, 1-8-5000, 1-8-6500, 1-8-Native. Do any of those sound any good? 2-2-5000 is much better than 2-2-6500 but still not quite enough to make the screen usable. Thanks for your help on this. I'm out of ideas, and this seemed to the best option in the shop.
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Just to let you know - I didn't make any headway on this so I have bought a ccfl laptop on ebay. I think I will leave the led technology to mature for a bit longer before looking again.
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