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So I borrowed AC Ryan Playon HD2 from my brother and hooked it up with HDMI to my receiver.
When I play a file with DTS or dolby 5.1 it plays perfectly. However when the file contains DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD it will only play stereo.
When the same file is played directly from the receiver by hooking my external HDD to it , the file will play the same file and audio perfectly.

I have checked all settings, HDMI passthrough, different cable, different hdmi input on my receiver but still I cannot find anything that can cause this. The same file played from the AC Ryan when hooked to Onkyo will play DTS HD etc without any hassle.

Could this be a HDMI handshake issue? And if so, is that something that I could fix myself?

My HT setup is a Harman Kardon BDS 776 (which can (and should) play all hd audio files)