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Sintra for BenQ W1070

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I have a room that has some unique challenges: asymmetrical wall mount, a soffit in between the projector and said wall, and a fair amount of ambient light. The wall I have for the screen has a post on one side of it jutting out about 3.5" off the main wall surface (see picture). The distance between the left edge of the post on the left and the white door on the right is 86". Can I float a piece of 6mm Sintra so I can use all of this space? Would I need to have a black boarder on the sintra in this case? Sintra is $50 in my area and I can get them to cut the screen to my exact specs.

The projector calculator says I need to place the pj at 8'8" for a 92" screen (this would result in 36fl. Is this setup too bright?) and with no boarder for an 86" screen at 9'4" (31 fl). The room is 14' deep and this would put the pj directly over the coffee table which is nice because I assume I will have to use a drop down mount to overcome the roughly 7" soffit in the way towards the screen.

Given the above, what paint would anyone recommend for my application? I am open to other projectors as well (we don't watch any 3d) if the BenQ doesn't work out (I like the bang for the buck though). We watch Uverse tv, some netflix, PS3 and Blurays. Appreciate the feedback.
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The 1070 is getting some excellent press. I personally prefer a PJ with lens shift, and at least the 1070 has vertical LS. (...ya still gotta get it centered "spot on" to the screen...)

Sintra is a great choice, and at the price you quoted...a real steal if indeed 6 mm.

You absolutely do want a Black boarder.

You might want to consider the w1080ST (short throw) if that soffitt is at least 5' deep as the 1080ST can do 92" diagonal from 4' - 10", and in any location futher Back the PJ will still have to be mounted lower than the soffitt anyway.

In your case, especially if your going to use a Beamer PJ, you can go with a Simple neutral Gray of a N8.0 level. But you should consider painting the underside of the Soffit in at least a darker, less reflective color in any case. It doesn't have to be an ugly Black....just a darker, flat Gray....perhaps a match to your selected Screen color. It doesn't take much of a difference to effect an improvement over White, lemmie tell ya that!
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Thanks Mississippiman.

Hmm. Great ideas. The soffit drops down 7.25" and the distance between the end of the soffit (towards the seating area) and the screen is 4'4". I guess I could technically move the pj a bit further away from the soffit - somewhere near your 4'10" figure - and drop it down so the lens hits the top of the screen. BUT if I decide to upgrade this projector in the future, would I hamstring myself by setting up a short throw pj and pulling wires and power to this location? If I went with a dropdown mount over my coffee table at 8'8" for a 92" screen, would this give me more flexibility for a future swapout?

As for the paint I am going to pursue a neutral gray as you suggest. Perhaps a benjamin moore grey in the 8 range. Maybe 202 202 202?
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