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Chances Of Getting A Station At "-15.6 NM(db)"(Extreme Fringe Area)

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My main goal is to get channel 22(66) Fox that is 2 edge and 23.5 miles away showing -15.6NM(db) at 35ft high antenna...and does not change going to 60ft to 10.ft, maybe 1/2 NM(db) at the most...only have hills between me and the transmitter...

"My main question is (without buying an exspensive Wade antenna)...what would you recommend to us for an UHF antenna or stacked antennas, preamps, etc???...I have considered 2- 91xg's or the new DB8e, even a DIY if had to..."

P.S. Using just one new Samsung HDTV with 50ft RG6 coax no splitters...
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That station only puts 10 kW in your direction and you're 500' down hugging the backside of a 2000' hill. It would be a miracle if any of its signal lands anywhere on your property.

TVFool's calculations are estimates based on data that includes terrain averaging. When you're in sharply changing terrain, any expectation of precision should be tossed out the window.
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I do get channels
12-1.2.3. NBC @ %90
35-1.2 CBS @ %70
24-1 ABC @ %70
26- IND @ %30
50-1.2.3. PBS>>>that is -9.4 NM(db) @ %40 receiving signal

and barely 22(66)Fox not to often(probably weather conditions) but that is my goal and possibly more from Buffalo...I am using the Winegard HD7084P combined with the MXU59 with an antenna combiner(2-3ft RG-6 patch cords) and radio shack preamp...RG-6 Coax..pointed at 291 mag. degrees...both antennas(15ft high) are on 2 seperate poles 8 ft apart strictly for test purposes...soon to be on a rotor at 35ft...But want to purchase the best UHF antenna or antennas set-up for my location before I do...
I know it's a long shot but still think it's do-able by the NM(db) on the channels I do get now...
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You may want to try a better preamp, as those Radioshack versions have high noise figures.
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Thank you tylerSC as I agree...been doing research on the Kitztech 200 and think it might be a wise choice but not positive yet...If my math is correct, think I have a total of 14dbi gain with my currant set-up...I personally think if I can get a UHF Antenna combination that will get me close to 20dbi gain I will have a good shot for 22(66)Fox with the correct pre-amp...I saw a DIY uhf plans for possible 20dbi on Google but having trouble finding i againt, lol ...anyhow...

" Any suggestions or advise for uhf combined(stacked) antenna's that will get me close to 20dbi???"
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