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Buying an HD camcorder - need help

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Hi guys, i would like to buy an HD camcorder but i don't know many things about cameras so i'd like your help. I don't need extreme specifications i just need a camcorder that has good Full HD video and to record fine at low light places, cause i want to use the camcorder inside my home for some youtube clips.
I'd like your opionion for the following camcorders and which one you recommend me to buy
Sony HDR-CX190EB
Panasonic HC-V100 EG HD
Samsung Digital Videocamera HMX-QF20

I see that the samsung doesnt record in AVCHD like the other two. I dont know if this is important, so i would also like to know if its important to record in AVCHD
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If your recording inside you should have control over the lighting. You shouldn't need low light.

I don't think AVCHD is important. Its more important to know what type of compression will be used and what options you have with that. AVCHD is a container format I believe. Within you will require something like MP4 or H.264 CODEC for the actual data encoding. I believe AVCHD is the blueray disc format so it makes for easy disc burning.

My personal camcorder choice today would be
Canon HF-M50 but only because I've been using Canons already.
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The Sony does 1080i60 up to 24mb/s and the Panasonic up to 17mb/s. The Samsung is wireless so you could upload to youtube etc. Read the reviews from people that own them on Amazon etc.
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Well, i read many reviews but still i can't decide which is better :/ . So AVCHD isnt important for video processing? Cause i do a lot of processing after recording.
So if you were in my position which one of the 3 you would buy?
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What do you mean by processing? AVCHD files are super resource intensive btw. I had to build a new machine when I moved from Mini DV to AVCHD – my old two core 2.8ghz? machine or thereabouts that sliced through editing/encoding the Mini DV .avi files choked big-time on the AVCHD files.

Something to consider anyway depending on your budget. I built a relatively screaming machine and it is still a workout for it to edit and encode AVCHD.
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By processing i mean i work on adobe premier pro and edit my videos. I tried an HD camcorder from a friend and i see it records in .mts . I tried the file in adobe premier and i can edit fine. (i have a good pc). so AVCHD records in that format or is it a completely different format. I just want to know if i can easily edit them in adobe premier and dont have to convert the files and then use them in adobe.
Also i found a used Sony HDR-CX115E, what is your opinion in contrast of the camcorders i posted above? I saw videos in youtube and the video seems to me to be better although its an older model.
I really dont know what to do xD
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I might start over at http://www.camcorderinfo.com/ they seem to have a pretty decent collection of consumer level reviews.

I honestly really pay little attention to the file extension of my own files; they are .mts though. They import into Premiere without issue. AVCHD, H.264, MPEG 4, etc. Again, frankly, as much as I read about all of this stuff – it’s confusing. My GoPro files are .MP4 – it’s all AVCHD if I’m not mistaken. I think the .mts files might include info that helps them be rejoined when they split at 2 gigs or whatever they split at.

Some people do use an intermediate file type for easier editing, but they create HUGE files. If your machine can handle them then you’re one step ahead of me when I moved up to an AVCHD camcorder. If you use Premiere you might Google to see if your version had the Mercury Engine and can benefit from a video card with ‘Cuda’ cores – it’s designed to assist with editing and encoding.

Sorry I can’t help much with the decision for you. I’m more interested in the prosumer level camcorder and/or possibly stepping up to a large sensor HDSLR even at some point. My camcorder’s low light performance is not all that it could be, but otherwise is a pretty decent camcorder. You might look at the refurbs and see if anything might be more in your price range that route. I picked up about a $1k retail camcorder for half that price as a refurb and it at least looks flawless externally. I might question if the video performance is as intended – I see some purple fringing that makes me wonder sometimes.
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What will affect editing the most I think is the CODEC not the file format.
If you want smaller files you might go for a camera that has true 24p and not just PF24 if you shoot in that speed.
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Originally Posted by Nergal View Post

..... I just want to know if i can easily edit them in adobe premier and dont have to convert the files and then use them in adobe.......
Premier Elements did not offer "full" AVCHD support until the last version 11. It works well on my fairly strong laptop. Don't know where you need to be on the version list for Pro.
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I saw the clips from a friend's camcorder the sony hdr-cx130 and i was very satisfied. Is the hdr cx190 the newer model of the specific series?and does this mean that the quality will be at least the same as the quality of the videos i saw from the cx130?
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The cx130 is a predecessor of the cx190 and the quality is pretty much the same.
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