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Which room correction programs eq the sub?

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I apologize if this has been covered, but my searches have been unproductive. I am considering a newer unit to replace my Denon 1909. Looking at other manufacturer's units, it seems that not all have been adjusting the sub channel, I'm hoping some of you great gurus either have a good link to an old thread, or just happen to know.

I'm happy with the job the 1909 has done (except for the minor issue of the left rear surround quitting), but maybe there is something equal to or better to the 1909, that might last more than 4 years.

Thanks in advance.
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There are several companies which sell EQ units which are intended just for subwoofers.

The proprietary room equalizations provided by Pioneer and Yamaha don't EQ the sub.

I don't recall if there's any information about the limitations of the EQ software provided by Harman Kardon and Sony. They both tend not to publish details.

Audyssey 2EQ does not EQ the sub. It's used by Cambridge and in some entry-level Onkyo models.

Brands which I'm sure have some models which include equalization software that can handle subwoofers are Onkyo/Integra, Denon/Marantz, NAD, McIntosh and Anthem.

Don't forget that many high-end brands still don't provide any room equalization at all.

Trinnov sells an external equalization unit. It normally is used in between a pre/pro and the associated amps.

Unfortunately, you're unlikely to find any equipment which is truly future proof. In particular, there are likely to be changes in 4K video resolution support in the next few years, with 8K supported a few years after that.

So far as 4-year hardware reliability is concerned, you usually shouldn't base future performance expectations on past individual experiences. Keeping electronics cold tends to make it last longer, but that's just a statistical bias when you consider many units. There are always going to be some units which fail unexpectedly.

I hope this helps a little.
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Originally Posted by Selden Ball View Post

The proprietary room equalizations provided by Pioneer and Yamaha don't EQ the sub.

The version of YPAO found on the upper Aventage receivers does EQ the sub. I don't have personal experience with MCACC, but I believe the same is true on the upper Elite models.
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Audyssey (numerous brands, including Denon, Onkyo, Integra, Marantz) does.
MCACC (Pioneer) does not at any level (from Elite on down) in any model year past through current.
The older Yamaha I have does (though I have not been terribly impressed).
Sony does, but very poorly, on my 3-year-old upper (but not top) unit.

All I have any experience with... - Don
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As noted above, all Denon models that feature Audyssey will EQ the sub as they have as a minimum Audyssey MultEQ. Review the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig to compare the various models from last year as well as the link to the new 2013 E series models.
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Thanks guys. You have confirmed my suspicions.

I know I shouldn't translate my older Denon issues with the newer models. After all, I still own an Onkyo sr502 that operates flawlessly, but I dare say I won't buy one now. (sorry if I offend any Onky owners).

I definitely want sub eqing on my next unit.

Soooo, jdsmoothie, if I reset my 1909 3-4 more times, the rear channel might start working again? I did the reset once, with no help. On another note, I read on the 1909 thread that at least one guy lifted his unit and drops it to get his channel to work....
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There are well known separate products which do it re commendably 8and fully automatic) like the Dspeaker AntiMode 8003 in its different incarnations and the new AntiMode DualCore 2.0 in the "upper class". They heave been awarded many times by numerous institutions and magazines for what they do. Note: I have those in use myself.
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